Injury minimizing guide with recommendations and advice

The injury is the worst thing that can happen to an athlete. No matter whether you are skateboarder, surfer, slackliner, climber… You will have to focus on injury minimization. If you hurt yourself, you won’t be able to train. When you don’t train, your performances will be decreased.


Injury – why is it so dangerous?

If you hurt yourself, you won’t be able to train. When you don’t train, your performances will be decreased. Bad results will not keep you on the top. To be able to become the world-class athlete and maintain the status, you will have to behave extremely responsibly. You will have to pay attention to yourself like you never did before.

Read Urban Surfer’s injury guide, follow the advice and there will be no problems for you!


The best ways to prevent injury


Prevention is an extremely important in every sports activity. If you know how to avoid problems, you will be the best for a longer period of time. There are many ways to watch on your body and performances. The best way is – avoid injuries at all costs!

It is almost impossible not to get hurt during your sports career. But you can remain injured for a shorter period of time. You can decrease chances of injury. You can train your body to become more resistant! You can do many things to prevent injuries.

This video is very useful for beginners. Now take a look at professional advice.


1. Knowing your limits

This is the most important thing you have to be aware of. I know many of you are adrenaline junkies who like to prove themselves in front of the audience. But have you wondered how brutal consequences your “heroic behavior” might have?

An injury is a big problem, and here is why:

  • You can break leg or arm. Your extremity will be in a cast at least 4-6 weeks. Recovery usually lasts twice as that. You will waste 2-4 months of your life and you will not be able to compete.
  • If the injury is hard, there is a possibility you will never be able to train again. Is this what you want? You may be remembered by the specific element, but what if you never walk again?
  • Some injuries are chronic. It means they will appear in the specific time of day, month or year. Learn to live with this.


2. A proper warm-up is a must

You have to be aware of your body. You must lift its temperature.

You can maximize your performance if the temperature of your body is 38 Celsius or more. And make sure to warm your whole body, not just a part of it. Start from your neck, towards your arms, and then include your hips, legs, and whole body drills.

This tutorial is very useful. Every warm-up session that lasts under 5-7 minutes is not good!


3. Never skip stretching

Stretching is a very important part of every training session. Your muscles are under big tension and its length shortens. There are many positive effects of stretching.

Stretching is probably the best thing when you want to relieve muscle tension. Fight against soreness is a lot easier when stretching sessions are done regularly. It has positive effects on your arteries. Stretching keeps your muscles fresh and improves flexibility.

Let me ask you a simple question – do you want your muscles to hurt 24 hours or 48 hours after a training session? Of course, everybody will choose option 1!


4. Good nutrition is crucial

You cannot eat unhealthy food and expect the best performances.

Magnesium is crucial for muscle cramp prevention. Here is a good video which explains magnesium sources.

You will have to take proper amounts of vitamin C. This video explains all the benefits of this vitamin.

There are other vitamins and minerals you need to pay attention to. Please check this playlist – it explains all valuable micronutrients.

When it comes to the size of your meal, there is only one rule – do not overeat! Your body shouldn’t waste much energy on digestion. If less energy is wasted on digestion, your recovery will be quicker.


5. Get a good night’s sleep

When you sleep, certain hormones excrete in your body. Your fatigue level will be significantly decreased if you sleep properly.

Try to go to bed at the same time, if possible. Unfortunately, many of us work night shifts and this is nearly impossible. In that case, rest. Your body needs sufficient amount of sleep and rest to recover muscles. You have better chances of avoiding injury if you sleep at least seven hours per day. You can sleep in the afternoon and during the night. Sleep is an excellent way to recover your muscles and keep it fresh.

If you cannot sleep, turn off the light. Your head might hurt if you look at the cell phone or PC. Give your body a chance to recover.


6. Avoid new movements

You mustn’t try something for the first time in competition. You need to train it, or you will increase the chances of injury.

For example, a somersault maneuver is a very risky way to start your ride. Don’t try it out in competition first. Try it at your training session as many times as necessary.

Adrenaline junkies are usually brave enough to try anything, but they neglect possible consequences. Don’t make this fatal error! You don’t need injury!


7. Active recovery sessions will accelerate recovery

I know – this sounds strange.

However, active recovery session is an excellent way to accelerate lactic acid removal. If you have a day off, think about jogging or swimming pool. If you stay home and do nothing, you will rest too.

If you stay home and do nothing, you will rest too. However, active recovery sessions have multiple benefits and you should think about it. Try mobility drills, cycling, rowing, or even walking. Active recovery session will improve the blood flow. You will feel energized again in the shorter period of time.


8. Reduce the level of stress

This is probably the most difficult thing. Many of us have our own problems. It is difficult to fight against it.

High levels of stress affect negatively on sleep quality and fatigue levels. Physical activity reduces the level of stress, but it also has many other benefits. If the level of stress is too high, the chance of injury is bigger. Your muscles and brain are under constant tension and this stops your body from fast recovery.

If a high level of stress is combined with an intense training session and insufficient rest period, this is a recipe for disaster. Not only an injury will knock on your door, but you will be chronically fatigued.

You need to perform some steps to reduce the levels of stress. Is there something you can do to be less unhappy? Can you do something for your brain and body? Do you have to sit inside of four walls and think of everything bad in your life? Start doing something good for yourself!


9. Try cryotherapy or sauna


Active recovery is sometimes insufficient. In the information age, there are many things that do things instead of us. Cryotherapy is one of it.

There are many positive effects of ice on a human body. Here are some positive effects of cryotherapy.

Even celebrities like to use cryotherapy as a method of recovery. Not only it decreases injuries, but it also accelerates the process of injury recovery. It is an excellent medicine against bruises and swelling.

When it comes to a sauna, it might have harmful effects if you spend too much time inside. On the other hand, sweating can remove toxins from the human body. Sometimes temperature changes can provide multiple benefits.


There are many other mechanisms for avoiding injury:

  • You need to risk, but there is no need to hurt yourself.
  • You need to use active recovery, but you should never overtrain.
  • Never think about bad things – you are leaving your body vulnerable.
  • Sleep well. There is no better thing than a good night’s sleep.
  • Being aware of your limits will help you prevent injury. If there are no new difficult movements, you will decrease chances of injury.
  • Try some passive recovery methods. There are greases, hypobaric chamber, ice bath… There are so many ways to prevent yourself from injuries.










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