Skateboarding exercises – how to improve the performances of your skateboarder

Many of the fans are absolutely sure skateboarding requires excellent control of the skateboard, spending hours in the skate park and nothing else. But there are other types of skateboarding exercises – for example, strength and conditioning exercises, which make the difference between an average skater and a world-class skater.

Strength and conditioning is an extremely important aspect of every sports activity. No matter how good you are, you always need to strength your legs, core muscles, arms, back… if you want a better result in the competition. When it comes to skateboarding exercises, it is important to master the technique at the first place. Practice makes perfect is also true. But what happens when you reached your maximum? This is when a special tip of skateboarding exercises comes to the fore – strength and conditioning exercises, specially designed for skaters.


Skateboarding exercises – the most important areas to strengthen your skateboarder

Skaters needn’t be too strong, but the power is extremely important. There is absolutely no way for a skater to lift 200 lbs from bench press, but their coordination, balance, power and agility need to be the best possible. If your skater competes in vertical skateboarding, he needs to have a world-class coordination. For example, when performing a noseslide or a tailslide, you may fall very easily if you don’t have a world-class balance. On the other side, if you cannot jump quickly or don’t have enough power in your legs and core muscles, the height of your jump will be insufficient. That means you need less time to perform some of the skateboarding tricks.

Many of your colleagues or friends will simply say there is no need to do strengthening exercises if you are a skater. But don’t listen to them!

More strength in your muscles means more power, better jump, better hang time, better ability to perform tricks in the air and lot more. If you want to become a champion, you need to work on your body. Remember, those are special skateboarding exercises. Those exercises are important for skaters who want to become the best!

Skater Squat

The video for this exercise is available here.

This exercise reminds on pushing a skateboard. When you push your rear leg backward, make sure the same arm comes in the height of your face, with the palm pointed towards your face.

This exercise is excellent to strengthen your quads, calves, and glutes. But at the same time, this exercise is excellent to improve balance and coordination.

If you want to increase the difficulty, perform this exercise with your eyes closed.

Spider walk

Here is the video for the exercise.

This exercise strengthens the whole body. But it looks strange, how can this be one of the skateboarding exercises? Well, it actually is.

A skater who competes in the discipline “vertical skateboarding” has many moments when he is found in a position parallel to the substrate. To be able to obtain better hang time, you need to be strong. Your body needs to be strong, especially your core muscles. Strengthening of your core, back, glutes and legs enable better hang time.

Quarter squat to vertical jump

Here is the video for the exercise.

An important part of every skater is jumping – this is called ollie. There are many exercises which are important for your skater when it comes to jumping. Special skateboarding exercises are designed to improve the height of your jump. This can be important when you need to perform any trick like noseslide or a tailslide, or simply when you want to jump off the stairs. If you jump higher, you will have more time to perform tricks.

This exercise is good for power development in your legs. Jump and power are dependants on each other.

Single leg jumps with knee up

Here is the video for the exercise.

This move is seen in skateboarding so often. This is one of the most specific skateboarding exercises. Every time the skater jumps and closes the knee towards his hips or chest, there is an application of this exercise. Anytime you want to try fakie or kick turn, you need to close your knee. Remember, front knee or rear knee is closed first, so it is always better to train your leading leg.

Among all skateboarding exercises, this one has the largest practical application.

Lawnmower with flexed legs

Here is the video for the exercise.

So, where is the practical application of this exercise? Have you seen how many times a skateboarder rotates to the side while performing tricks, especially while in the air? And take a look now – a rotation is present throughout the whole exercise!

An exercise is excellent to strengthen groin muscles, abdominals and lateral abdominals. When a skater rotates in the air, strong lateral abdominals will provide you fewer chances of falling and more stability while in the air.


Make sure you do those special skateboarding exercises regularly. Remember, strength and conditioning is an extremely important of every sport. No matter what you do, if your body is stronger, you will have more chances to win the competition.

Every hard work pays off in the end! Never give up your dreams.

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