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Skateboard protection gear – what is a must for every skater?

Skateboard protection gear is a must for every single skater if you don’t want to get hurt. Probably many of you started skating immediately after purchasing a skateboard. That’s a big mistake, especially if you didn’t buy a protection gear first.

Don’t be a hero, there are many ways to hurt yourself in skateboarding. Every single fall off your skate risks bone fracture, tears, scratches, head injuries… So the best way is not to be too brave, be realistic. Skateboard protection gear will maybe cost you 100 pounds more, but that’s a small price to pay.

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Skateboard protection gear – most often injuries in skating and prevention

Despite skating looking like a real pleasure, it has another side too. Acting like a hero will surely make you end your career before it even started. Every fall carries its own risk, so the purchase of a skateboard protection gear will not only save you thousands of pounds but enable more enjoyment and longer skating career.

Skaters mostly balance on one leg or try to catch their skateboards while performing tricks, so the most endangered areas are the wrist, long arm, long leg and ankle bones. More threatening injuries (even life threatening) may occur if the skater falls on his spine or head. So, don’t play a hero, purchase skateboard protection gear today.

Other common injuries in skateboarding are Achilles tendon rupture, ACL tear, acute wry neck, back muscle pain, groin strain, high ankle sprain, meniscus injury, overuse injuries, sciatica, shoulder dislocation… You have to agree now – skateboard protection gear is a must for every skater who wants a successful career!

Skateboard protection gear – purchasing

The most important parts of skateboard protection gear are padded shorts, skateboarding elbow pads, skateboarding knee pads, skateboarding wrist guards, gloves, and helmets. Optionally, you can purchase a groin guard and a mouthpiece.


It keeps your head from injuries. Never mind how skillful a skater you are, there is always a possibility of making a mistake. If you fall on your head, you may risk severe injuries like skull fracture, shellshock, memory loss… It is easier to prevent it and buy a proper helmet. Never mind how hard you fall on the concrete, a good helmet can decrease the power of impact even up to 90%!

Skateboarding elbow pads

In the most of the cases when you fall off your skateboard, you will end up on your elbow or wrist. A good elbow pad will not protect you from blisters, cuts and tears only. You will lessen the chance of breaking your arm – a very serious injury.

Skateboarding knee pads

Do you want to come home with scratches and cuts on your knees? Do you want tears all over your knees? In many cases, you will end up falling on your knees or the lateral side of your leg.

Padded shorts

This is especially important if you are a beginner and performing some tricks for the first time. Same like when you tackle in soccer – if you don’t know to do this properly, you will peel the skin of your thighs. However, concrete may lead to more serious consequences… grass is a lot softer surface, so don’t play a hero and laugh to someone who purchased it.

Skateboard wrist guards and gloves

This is the most interesting part of skateboard protection gear. You have probably seen many skaters carrying wrist guards, but no gloves. But gloves are a more important part!

Your wrist has eight bones and it may be very difficult to heal properly if fractured, but your hand has fourteen small bones. Remember, fourteen! You may protect your wrist, but without gloves, you will fracture your fingers and there is a big possibility you will not be able to heal it properly.

So, there is a world-class offer at our website – Miller Freeride Gloves. Don’t miss an opportunity, your hands will be safe 100% and you will lessen the chances of hurting your wrists and fingers. And you will save £3, its price is only £31.99!

A groin guard and a mouthpiece may come in handy. This is important when performing 50-50 or sliding tricks… you may fall on your groins. Your teeth may have a contact with the stairs or metal bar. So don’t play with fire… better be serious! Playing a hero will send you to the hospital before you even started skating!

Congrats, you now how to protect now! Enjoy purchasing skateboard protection gear!

And don’t forget to purchase our world-class Miller Freeride Gloves!

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