Ollie – one of the most basic skateboarding tricks every beginner has to learn

Ollie is one of the most basic skateboarding tricks. If you want to become a serious skater, this is a trick you must learn. You can perform this trick while stationary or while riding down the street. If you are an advanced skater, an ollie can be done while navigating obstacles. It all depends on your skating level and experience.

This is the basic trick because you cannot do, for example, nose slide or tail slide. Any other more serious trick is impossible if you don’t know to jump, so let’s learn how to ollie!

Here is a video tutorial.

Ollie – performing the trick

First, you must stand on your board and check your settings. If your board is too tight, consider changing your settings. If you trucks are too loose and there is no control while you crouch, tightening can be a good choice.

Second, the position of your feet is extremely important. Your front foot has to be positioned in the middle of the board, while your rear foot is positioned on the tail of the board.

You must remember this every time you want to perform an ollie because if your feet are not standing properly, it will be impossible to jump. Remember, your rear foot should be on the tips of your toes. If you want to jump higher, you have to place your rear foot more to the back.

Third, bending knees and crouching down. The most important thing is to find balance. If you go down too fast, you will fall off your skateboard. A successful ollie requires good crouch control. And do not bend your back, it has a negative effect on your balance. Don’t stick to the bottom too far. While going down, your shoulders have to be on the level of your feet.

If you want to do an ollie while moving, if you are a beginner, perform a tiny jump to place your feet in the proper position. And make sure your feet are always on the tips of your toes before attempting an ollie!

Fourth, jumping in the air. This is the most difficult part of every ollie. When you jump, do the move first with your front foot, and then with your rear foot! This is very difficult if you are a beginner, but be persistent and try as many times as you can.

As soon as you are in the air, make sure the outer part of your front foot slides next to your board. There is one more very important detail – slam your knees into your chest.

Fifth, as you jump up, you need to kick down the back of your board at the same time. This might be difficult if you are a beginner, but it is necessary for every successful ollie. Your deck must hit the ground. It is called pop because of the noise the deck creates when it hits the ground.

Timing is extremely important. You need to pop the board as soon as the nose of your board is in the air. Jump and pop at the same time if you want to perform a successful ollie. There is one more problem – if you hit the ground too hard with your rear foot, there is a possibility your board won’t lift in the air. You will master the technique, but the timing of your pop is crucial, especially if you want the maximum height of your ollie.

Sixth, sliding your front foot is a must! As soon as you are in the air, the inward of your front foot has to slide next to your board till it reaches the nose of the board. If you slide at the same time you performed the jump, the height of your jump will be better.

If you start sliding too early, the height of your jump will be smaller. If you start sliding too late, your ollie will not be leveled out at its highest point. If you are a professional, leveling out will bring you valuable points.

Seventh, putting your knees towards your chest. You can train this without your skateboard, all you need to do is lifting your rear leg towards your chest keeping it flexed. The height of your ollie depends on the height of your knees. More your knee goes up, the height of your ollie will be better!

Eighth, leveling out. This is the most important part of an ollie if you don’t want to fall off your skateboard. You need to level out when your front foot has slid all the way up, but at the same time, you must maintain the pressure on the board as it starts to fall down.

When you are in the mid-air, try to level your skateboard out. If you are unable to level out, any harder trick will be impossible, especially if you are a professional. And you may easily fall off your board. This is the key to the successful landing.

Ninth, landing. There is a very small difference between the successful landing and falling down. Even a professional can make this mistake and hurt himself seriously.

Try to land with your both feet at the same time. Your feet should be as close to your trucks as possible. If you land with your both feet in the middle of your board, it will snap and you will fall. If your feet are too much on the nose or on the tail of the board, you will also fall. You must absorb the shock when you land by bending your knees. If you don’t bend them, you will risk injury or falling.

Remember, a good ollie is a key to many advanced tricks. For example, noseslide is impossible without a good knowledge of ollie.

Congrats, you learned how to ollie! Keep training and don’t give up… remember, practice makes perfect!

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