Noseslide and how to perform it – one of the basic skateboard tricks

Noseslide is one of the skateboard tricks which should be learned after you mastered the basics. This is one of the very attractive tricks. Its technical difficulty is not too big, but you need to master four things – balance, weight distribution, momentum, and feet position.

The technique of noseslide will be explained in this chapter. Take a look at the video, too.

There are six simple steps if you want to perform an excellent noseslide, in the case you learned basics of skateboarding. There are some additional exercises which can be done for improvement.


Performing the noseslide


Feet position

It is very similar to ollie position. Remember the trick Chinese nollie which was explained here. Your rear foot is positioned near the tail end, while your front foot is located around the front wheels of your skateboard.

If you want to perform a perfect noseslide, you have to move your feet 2-3 inches forward to obtain a better balance. You need to place the center of gravity on your front foot, or you will fall. So, when you jump on the rail, make sure you shift the weight on your front foot and try to maintain this position while sliding down the rail.


Speed when skating towards the curb or rail and what should you avoid

If you remember our previous tutorial, which describes how to push your skateboard, then you know how to control your speed. If you go towards the curb or rail, the most important thing for a good noseslide is this – don’t go too fast, but don’t go too slow at the same time. Medium speed is appropriate… why?

If you go too slow, you won’t be able to slide long enough, but if you go too fast, you will increase the chances of falling. If you are a professional, you can go faster.

When you reach the rail, make sure your skateboard is not too far away from the rail – 6-7 inches is a good distance.


Perform ollie and lift your skateboard in the height of the rail/curb

Good ollie is important to be able to jump. Here is a tutorial how to ollie.

As you ollie, you should slightly shift your weight to your front foot. Your front foot has to be positioned on the nose of your board in the moment your skateboard touches the rail – this is the key to performing a perfect noseslide! If you don’t shift your weight properly, you will fall.

Place your rear foot on the screws of your board, but do not shift the weight onto it. Your weight has to be shifted to your front foot!


Rotating the nose of the board

When you performed an ollie, make sure you rotate your skateboard 90 degrees clockwise or counterclockwise, depending on the side your rail/curb is located. Start sliding when you land on the nose and make sure keeping your weight on your front foot.


Sliding down the rail/curb

As soon as you initiated the contact, start sliding and maintain your weight on the front foot. Remember, you will slide as long as you ran out of speed, or as long as you don’t shift the weight on your back foot. A good noseslide requires a perfect combination of balance, momentum, weight distribution and feet position.

Start with short distances and then increase the length of your noseslide. If you are able to noseslide to the end of the rail, that means you mastered this trick.


Get off the rail/curb with a strong kick turn

All you need to do is shift your weight on the rear foot. As soon as you started to shift your weight, perform a kick turn, returning to the previous position and rotating your skateboard 90 degrees, so the nose of your skateboard is in front of you again.

As soon as your skateboard is perpendicular to the rail, make sure you bring the wheels of your skateboard on the ground and continue pushing it.


Congrats, you performed a noseslide!


Here is the few additional advice to improve the quality of your noseslide:

  • Work on your balance – when standing on a rail, you need to shift the weight on your front foot. You can train this even when your skateboard is on the ground, or you can even perform lunges, where you shift whole your weight on the front foot.
  • Jumping – the moment of your jump is very important. If you jump too early it is not good. If you jump when you are too far from the rail, you will increase the chances of making mistake.
  • Practice nose stall first -this trick is very similar to the noseslide, but you just need to jump on one spot on the rail and maintain the balance. Here is a tutorial how to perform it. If you mastered a nose stall, a noseslide will be an easy job.



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