Fitness Fashion Fix: Stance Socks

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Are you an Activewear Aficionado?

How much thought do you put into what you wear to the gym, or to run around the park? If you haven’t started thinking more about your gym wear, chances are you probably will soon! Activewear is now booming and even the fashion elite are starting to notice. Fitness enthusiast or not, the craze of wearing activewear both inside and outside of the gym is here to stay. Leggings have become the ‘athleisure’ staple, big designers are now designing trainers, and socks have gained a foothold in fashion. Gyms are also noticing this activewear trend.

In the past socks were merely an afterthought when you were getting dressed, more useful than stylish. Recently, however, statement socks have become the epitome of self-expression! This new sock trend is being led by Stance socks. Stance saw an opportunity to tackle a sector that has been disregarded over the years and bring it to the surface. They soon discovered that there was a huge market of sock aficionados!

Stance are a lot more than just fashion: chief product officer, Taylor Shupe, explains “Socks are such a huge part of mobility and daily comfort…If an athlete loses mobility because they have athlete’s foot or they have blisters, it can dramatically affect their entire performance. So it was really important for us to diagnose the needs.” Stance now have a very diverse range of socks, ranging from casual, to performance and event to premium socks.

Stance have now become the official brand of both the NBA (National Basketball Association) and MLB (Major League Baseball). They are also extremely popular amongst the surfer and skater communities.

Stance and CrossFit

Another community that has really embraced Stance socks is the CrossFit community. In its early days, CrossFit athletes did not invest too much in their gear. Old school CrossFit was all about simplicity, working out in your garage in old, ragged clothing and pair of scruffy shoes. While simplicity is still a major bone of the CrossFit mantra, there has been a noticeable increase in athletes’ attention to personal style. Stance socks permit athletes to express their individuality, multi coloured socks are now seen on athletes in boxes everywhere!

Stance has ignited a movement of art and self-expression that has drawn athletes, performers and iconic cultural influencers to the brand – a group called the Punks & Poets. Which are your favourite Stance socks? Check out their latest collections here!


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