Running shoes – the most important factors to consider

When it comes to the choice of the best running shoes, the crucial fact is that you never choose the shoe which would be primarily used for some other sport, like football, basketball, baseball etc. – you will risk injury. Running shoes have a specific design which is very easy for recognition.


The most important things running shoes must have

The front part of the running shoes is lowered compared to the rear part of it. A racer is inclined forward into the running position. Every type of running shoes is tile because the anatomical amplitude of motion in the hock joint is required. The shoes designed for running should have the least mass possible, combined with good amortisation and a high-quality sole, which provides the stability.

Here is the list of the qualities which definitively requires the highest attention during the purchase:

  • Price
  • Sole – front, medium and rear
  • Amortisation
  • Net
  • Colour
  • Traction
  • Specification

When it comes to the choice of a price, shoes above £100-150 are mostly a good choice. This is the most important factor that can lead to the biggest limits in purchasing. If you want cheap shoes with high quality, here are few recommendations – Saucony Cohesion 10, New Balance 560v6, Asics Gel-Contend 4.

The choice of a sole is a bit tricky. When you choose the rear sole, make sure an amortisation element is solid, try to hit the ground while keeping the finger of your other hand on the inside. If vibrations are very low, the choice is good. The front sole has to be bent forward and enable your fingers to be close to the ground during running. Trail running shoes have this part more massive. Closer the front sole is to the ground, better the shoe. The medium sole is known for providing more stability to the heel. It usually has an element that prevents the shoe torsion inside – do not buy the shoe without this or you will risk serious injury!

This is one of the most important qualities of running shoes – amortisation. It is well-known that knees and hock joints handle the biggest G-forces during running. To prevent it, make sure your running shoes have at least one absorption element. Mizuno has a wave, Rebook uses honeycomb, Nike uses air…

A net is also a crucial part of running shoes. This is an element which provides the breathing to your shoe. As strange as it looks, it gives your shoes a great ventilation and enables more comfort during running. This is especially emphasised with trail running shoes.

The colour is an individual need, but a very important criterion. The best option is to find the shoes which fulfil your needs, but at the same time provide you with all desired colours. Models with more than three colours have bigger chances to satisfy the needs of buyers.

Traction will protect you if you find yourself on a slippery surface. Maybe the best recommendation is to look for the running shoes which have bigger grooves and spikes if you plan off-road running. If you plan to run across the city or on the concrete, you will need very little spikes. Make sure to adjust your running shoes towards the surface.

The specification is the combination of all other factors. Are you a trail runner who enjoys challenges? Are you an ultra-marathon runner who never gives up? Do you want to try trail running and test your possibilities against wild nature and mud? There are running shoes for every single surface and situation.


Recommendations before purchasing running shoes

If you need neutral running shoes, a good choice may be Brooks Ghost 9. It is very good for the beginner. The main qualities are soft cushioning, solid sole and world-class traction which comes to the fore on wet surfaces.

If you are a fan of support running shoes, that means you are looking for more stability, fewer injury risk and fewer torsion of your foot. A good recommendation is Brooks Adrenaline GTS-17. It is featured by world-class stability which is followed by an ability to run very fast without feeling yourself uncomfortable.

There are people who prefer maximal running shoes, which are super-soft and extremely high at the same time.

Good shoes for someone who likes to remain light on foot and doesn’t use heavy surfaces for running are definitively lightweight neutral running shoes. Here a Saucony Kinvara 8 may come in handy. With a price of 110 dollars, this light and soft running shoes give excellent traction to your feet. It is also very comfortable and versatile, and the price fully justifies the expectations.

A trail running shoes are known for very big spikes and the ability to get away out of the mud in any situation. Designed for extreme conditions like snow, drizzle, ice or extreme uphills, New Balance Vazee Summit may come in handy. The shoe is very light and responsive, and it can be found for 60 dollars.

Have a great time choosing the proper running shoes and leave the sedentary lifestyle behind. Choose the appropriate shoes, start running and activate your body!


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