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Core exercises for skateboarders – a must for every skateboarder

Core exercises are the key of every sport where strength is required. In skateboarding, hang time is very important if you want to be a champion in vertical skateboarding.  Hard training sessions will leave you breathless, but the result will come. All you need to do is stay persistent and never give up.

Strength and conditioning exercises are important for skateboarding. Few core exercises are given in this post.

Today is very hard to be the most successful competitor. The number of skateboarders grows every day, and the competition is extremely tough. If you think a regular two or three hours in the skateboarding park and training tricks every day will help you become a champ, you are absolutely wrong!

Here are the benefits of core exercises in skateboarding:

  • Better hang time – you will be able to spend more time in the air, which leads to more points;
  • An ability to stay longer with your body positioned parallel to the ground;
  • Better spinning and balance;
  • Fewer chances of falling;
  • Better strength of lower abs, which consequently leads to better performance of every trick where an ollie is the beginning;
  • Better control of the situation and positive influence on central nervous system and motion control;
  • Better self-confidence.


Core exercises – why lower abs are the most important part of strengthening in skateboarding

As it has previously been described, good lower abs will affect positively on the height and length of the ollie. This is a key to better noseslide, tailslide, kickflip and many other tricks. Here is the detailed description of the core exercises for skateboarders with its function in skateboarding.

Single leg frogs

Whenever you try to jump, this movement is present. Have you ever wondered why a hip flexion is so important?

This exercise improves the strength of the biggest hip flexor in a human body – musculus iliopsoas. Whenever a jump occurs and your knees get close to your chest, hip flexion occurs. This movement is present during every single jump in skateboarding since knees have to go towards your chest if you want to try to perform a trick. Optionally, you may do frogs. This is the same exercise,

Optionally, you may do frogs. This is the same exercise but performed with both legs at the same time.

Lateral frogs

This is an excellent exercise if you want to affect hip flexors and lateral abdominals at the same time. If you need to perform a trick where your legs need to be flexed and go high to the side, this exercise is a world-class choice.

Optionally, you may do a different type of lateral frogs, when you are positioned on your glutes. This exercise is equally good for skateboarding but affects lower abs more.

Frogs with legs like a duck

This exercise includes your adductors, too. The movement is basically the same like the frog, the only thing you need to do is keep your legs widespread. In skateboarding, there are many tricks when you need to widespread your legs after an ollie. This exercise will affect positively on your groins, lower abs, and adductors. Among all core exercises, this is the most important one if you want to perform scissors with your legs or to widespread them in the air and perform attractive tricks.

Leg outspreading

It is a universal exercise for many sports. In skateboarding, it is important if you want to spin. Spinning requires strong adductors and lateral abs.

Leg scissors

Do you want to perform a trick where your legs need to be switched quickly? Do you want to change your legs in the air? Do you want to walk in the air and earn more points? This exercise is a world-class choice for you. Among all core exercises, if your skating style requires a lot of leg switches while in the air, do not miss this exercise!

Reverse crunches

Sometimes both of your legs will have to go in the air at the same time. You will have to keep them parallel. Any trick which includes lifting both legs at the same time is highly dependant on this exercise.

Twists to flexed leg

Many people will say there is no skateboarding motion here. But among all core exercises for skateboarders, this one is extremely important if you want to strengthen your lateral abdominals and improve spinning. When you jump in the air and need to rotate, the first thing you need is strong lateral abs. The second thing you need is strong hip flexor. This exercise affects both at the same time.

There are many more core exercises which are vital for a skateboarder. It will be described in the later threads.


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