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Bob Burnquist is one of the best skaters in the world

Bob Burnquist is one of the most famous men in the world of skateboarding and the only man who made Tony Hawk, the legend of this sport, lose his voice on one of the competitions. He is known for the success of the 900 trick – nobody in the world ever did that. There are much skateboarding tricks which were invented by Bob Burnquist.

He is the type of a skateboarder who definitely left the biggest trail in this sport. He is 41 years old and he is not thinking of the retirement yet!

Here are some of his best tricks.

And he is known for the loop of death – please take a look at this video – 0:52 – 1:02. This is the trick nobody has ever done before… and I highly doubt anybody ever will!

He is Brazilian and US citizen. Currently, he competes under the flag of Brazil. Bob Burnquist is the best skateboarder in the history of Brazil and South America.

Bob Burnquist – early life

Bob Burnquist become professional skater at the age of 14. He is born in Rio de Janeiro in 1976. His father has a Swedish descent, while his mother is a Brazilian. During his early years, Bob went to the skating park in the morning and returned in the evening.

He gave up everything to become a professional skateboarder. During the early age, his main philosophy was that practice makes perfect. He stood up early in the morning and went to the skateboarding park. Sometimes he returned in the evening, spending a whole day training the tricks. When it comes to Bob Burnquist, the level of dedication he shows is really impressive.

Whenever he was asked during the early age what he wants to become, his answers were very clear – a skateboarder. Despite many people expected the age will remove his from the sports, he is better and better as he gets older. Bob Burnquist has an amazing level of experience and every competition brings a new trick. He is a fan of the crowd wherever he goes.

Bob Burnquist – career and results

Bob’s specialty is switch stance skateboarding and performing new vert tricks. Bob Burnquist is known for his creativity – the trick can always be harder, better and more accurate according to his philosophy. There are many new tricks crowd saw for the first time every time this man appeared!

His signature trick is one footed Smith grind.

Bob appeared pretty late for a skater – his era of good results started at the age of 21 when he won the third place in the San Francisco in the vert competition in 1997. Many skaters start competing and make world-class results before the age of 16, but their careers don’t last too long. Bob has one of the longest careers in the history of skateboarding.

Bob Burnquist noted his first victory in 2000 in San Francisco when he left crowd breathless by performing world-class Fakie 5-0 and almost impossible fakie kickflip off the grind bar.

Bob Burnquist is winning the toughest competitions since the year 2000 – he has almost 17 years of winning streak. Skaters who win for 3-4 years are very rare but 17 years is quite impressive.

The vert content in the year 2001 will always be remembered by the last ride of Bob Burnquist. Bucky Lasek almost had certain victory in that competition, but Burnquist’s last ride left crowd breathless and made Tony Hawk, the commentator and maybe the best skater ever, lose his voice. This is the first and only time somebody impressed Tony Hawk that much. Bob performed few tricks that were never done before and remain unnamed. On that competition in Philadelphia, Bob Burnquist made an impressive score 98 of 100, which is the second best score of all times. It was one of the rare examples of the flawless run in the history of skateboarding.

Starting from the year 2003 to 2012, Bob Burnquist won seven times in Los Angeles. Those amazing results make him definitively one of the best skaters ever. Summer X Games took place in Los Angeles for ten consecutive years.

Just like any other skater, Bob Burnquist is an adrenaline junkie. There is an amazing video where he does 50-50 on his skateboard above the Grand Canyon and then goes down, opening the parachute in the last moments. In his first attempt, Bob missed a rail, which almost cost him life. But in the second attempt, he made a success, leaving the crowd breathless. Not only that he is a skillful skater, but he is an extremely brave man – Grand Canyon is extremely deep and dangerous. This wonderful trick was shown in the TV show “Stunt Junkies”.

When Burnquist was asked how he was able to maintain excellent results for such a long period of time, his reply was very simple. He just said he knew nothing else in his life but to ride the skateboard and perform tricks. Despite many injuries, Bob never gave up his skateboarding career. He is one of the reasons why true fans love this sport so much – every single competition when Bob Burnquist performs tricks leaves the crowd breathless!

Bob Burnquist is known for his mega ramp construction, which is successfully cleared by a very small number of skaters. Despite he lives for danger, living for a crowd is something that makes him the different, compared to other skaters. Many of the competitors just come and try to win, maintaining maximum performance during the competition. Bob wants to win but to impress the crowd at the same time, and that is the reason why the crowd loves him so much. He is currently one of the most popular skaters in the planet.

At the 2013 X Games in Barcelona, Bob became the first skater who was able to win gold on four consecutive occasions in Skateboard Big Air (2011-2012 in Los Angeles, 2013 Foz do Iguaçu, 2013 Barcelona being his prior victories). After Barcelona, he won one more competition at the X Games, maintaining the longest winning streak in the history of X Games – winning streak for five consecutive years. Bob set up one more impressive record – appearance in every single X games, winning 30 medals in 52 appearances.

During 2015 X Games in Austin, Texas, Bob Burnquist made a heroic move. He fractured his forearm in the training session one day before the competition, but this didn’t stop him from appearing in the competition. He won the gold medal in Skateboard Big Air and in Big Air Doubles. Those victories and achievements were nothing new to him, but with a broken forearm! After the competition in Texas, Bob Burnquist won the millions of hearts all around the world!

His career is quite impressive when it comes to X Games – he won 15 gold medals (there is a small chance any skater will ever break this record), 7 silver medals and 8 bronze medals. Starting from the year 2005 to 2013, Bob Burnquist won at least one medal in Los Angeles every year. Bob Burnquist is currently the most successful competitor in X-Games with 30 medals and one of the rare competitors who appeared in every single X-Games competition, starting from the year 1995.

Bob Burnquist didn’t win the medal in X-Games in 1995, 1996, 2000 and 2016. In every other X-Games, Bob Burnquist won at least one medal and the 4th place in 1995, which makes him the most successful skateboarder in the history of X-Games.

Bob Burnquist is the first Brazilian who won the international event (Slam City Jam) in 1995. Bob won Skater of The Year award many times.

Bob Burnquist – lifestyle and family

Bob Burnquist is a licensed airplane and helicopter pilot and a licensed skydiver. He lives for the excitement and for the adrenaline. He is an individual who constantly works on himself, creates tricks and obstacles and invents new attractions for the crowd.

Every single competition Bob Burnquist appeared in the last few years brought a new trick. The crowd doesn’t think anymore if Bob is going to win. Even the journalists ask Bob Burnquist in his interview whether he has a new trick in his pocket when he appears in the competition. You can read one of his interviews here.

He is known for the sentence “There is no downtime.” Even when he rests, he thinks about the new tricks and improvements. Bob Burnquist is a constant thinker. Before going to the competition, he can think the whole day about the new trick he wants to try.

There is one more very strange statement. Despite he is probably the best skateboarder of all times, when asked for a job, Bob Burnquist declared he has no job. When the reporter asked him how is that possible, Bob shocked everybody with his response: “When you love what you do, it is not working. So I don’t have a job!”

He lived with his previous wife, professional skateboarder Jen O’Brien and their daughter Lotus. Then he moved himself to live with Veronica Narchard and their daughter Jasmin (born 2007) in Vista, California.

When he moved to California in 2007, Bob Burnquist started creating a skateboard paradise. He made a famous mega ramp in his yard, that was tested by many skaters. He has the biggest Backyard Ramp complex in the world. This is the place Bob calls “Dreamland“.

When he was asked about retirement, one more impressive statement shocked everyone: “I will stop skateboarding when I die. Till then, while there are inspiration and skateboarders pushing themselves around me, I am motivated to push as well. I love what I do and I will continue to do what I do while I am alive.” This statement is definitively a reason why Bob Burnquist is my favorite skateboarder in the first place.

Bob Burnquist – filmography and TV shows

His first appearance was in 1994 when he talked about the effects of gravity in the second episode of the first season of “Bill Nye, the science guy”.

Bob Burnquist appeared in all video games except Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3, due to restrictions for appearing in another video game related to skateboarding, ESPN X Games Skateboarding.

Bob Burnquist appeared in the commercial for Aero Chocolate Bars and made a brief cameo in the skateboarding movie “Grind” in 2004.

The last appearance was recorded in 2013 when he appeared on Season 2 Episode 4 of Stan Lee’s superhumans. Bob Burnquist has a right to carry out a title of a superhuman for so many reasons – he is 41 years old, he competes for over 20 years and he is not thinking of giving up! There were so many new tricks invented by Bob Burnquist and there will surely be a lot more.

When it is about documentary shows, Bob Burnquist had many significant appearances. Some of them are Tony Hawk’s “Gigantic Skatepark Tour 2000, 2001 and 2002”; Flip’s “Extremely Sorry”; Hurley’s International skateboarding documentary entitled “Hallowed Ground” and Oakley’s-Bob Burnquist’s “Dreamland”.

And for the end, here are the best tricks performed by Bob Burnquist!


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