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Adrenaline junkie – warning signs with recommendations

Have you ever seen or befriend an adrenaline junkie? You probably have, but can you recognize it? Are you even aware how should the profile look like? This tutorial will explain you the most visible features of an adrenaline junkie.

Here is a good compilation of adrenaline junkies.


Adrenaline junkie – recognition signs

If we take a look at the basic definition, this is the person which is addicted to the thrill of adrenaline. It is a person who is turned on by adrenaline and dangerous situations. This kind of people will probably risk their lives often to satisfy their needs. Despite they are usually aware of the danger, they will risk every time they can. The only reason why they do it is the satisfaction.

There are people who would never risk their lives. On the other side, an adrenaline junkie is ready to risk his life every day, every week, or even every hour. They simply cannot live without the thrill and danger.


Fight or flight

The adrenaline rush is heavily related to the moment when the body sees or feels danger. People are sometimes ready to do the impossible when adrenaline is all over the body. Some of us intentionally bring the body to the fight or flight syndrome. Some people simply like to live on the edge. Examples could be slacklining with the crocodile under yourself, extremely fast driving, fighting with many people, vert skateboarding

The breathing rate goes up. The human heart pumps more blood and more oxygen is transferred through the human body. The person feels stronger and more powerful. When you meet an adrenaline junkie, he will be very happy and excited putting his life in danger. it is one of the very obvious signs who are you dealing with.



When you talk to the adrenaline junkie, you will often see so many warning signs. He will usually talk about good rally driving, excellent skateboarding, surfing acrobatics… His mind is programmed to feel danger.

When a regular person talks about danger, the style of talking is usually defensive. The regular person talks about it with fear or abhorrence. On the other hand, an adrenaline junkie is extremely happy and excited during this kind of talking. He talks like he has been there. He lives the moment of danger over and over.



When a normal human is in danger, the only thing he feels is an enormous dose of fear. But adrenaline junkie feels euphoria during and after the danger!

Let’s say somebody hangs off the cliff. His muscles will shake, his heart will pump, he will sweat… His gaze will be stone cold. Despite an adrenaline junkie shows the similar reaction, his body will be thrilled. After he successfully completes the challenge, he will talk about it like it is a regular thing. Risking life is a normal thing for an adrenaline junkie.


Social status

The society will mostly describe this kind of people as “the crazy ones”. But they simply don’t care! They will continue to push themselves. They usually don’t care about what the others think. Their only goal is bringing the body into an adrenaline rush state.

Adrenaline junkie can be a world-class athlete if he knows to use his addiction properly.



There are many sports where you simply have to be an adrenaline junkie to succeed.

Here is the list – moto sports, martial arts, rally, mountain biking, rock climbing, sports climbing, CrossFit… Usually, and adrenaline junkie will choose the sport where the risk of danger or injury is bigger. Their philosophy is living on the edge and risking life or injury more than normal.


Non-sports activities

The protective sign of adrenaline junkie is bungee jump. Another activity that is strictly related to them is parachute drop. The parachute jump is probably the most dangerous thing you can do… If the parachute doesn’t open, there is no chance you will survive! On the other hand, during bungee jump, a rope can snap!

Any kind of an activity where you put your life in danger is the part of their lifestyle!

Adrenaline junkies are the owners of many Guinness World Records!


The downsides of an adrenaline junkie

There is a belief that this kind of addiction is worse and stronger than any drug in the world. Your body can feel and ask for adrenaline even when there is no need for it at all.

This kind of people can pick up the fight, knowing they will lose it. An adrenaline junkie will only do it to satisfy his own needs.

An adrenaline junkie is usually more reckless than a regular person. They can turn their life into a conflict or drama without any need. For example, an adrenaline junkie can sleep with a married wife just to feel the satisfaction. He wants the high level of adrenaline, and he is ready to perform any risky activity.

A good adrenaline junkie will focus himself on sports activities. He knows what he is made of and he knows the limits. For example, he will drive races and respect the limits on the highway. However, there are adrenaline junkies who don’t care about speed limits and regulations. They are ready to do everything to satisfy their needs. If this means driving 100 miles per hour through the center of town, their answer is – why not?


Congratulations, now you know a lot more about an adrenaline junkie! Are you ready to compare your friends?

Are you maybe an adrenaline junkie? Do you enjoy risking your life? Do you enjoy the danger?

After reading this thread, all the dark secrets can be revealed. UrbanSurfer definitively has an amazing thread of adrenaline junkies!




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