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Surfing injuries – the ultimate avoiding tutorial with instructions

Surfing injuries occur rarely, but there is a possibility to happen. Don’t get surfing like a recreational activity which will only keep you relaxed. Don’t think there is no danger if you are in the water.

Remember, waves can be more dangerous than you can even imagine! Take a look at this video – it talks about the dangers of surfing.


Surfing injuries – the truth behind surfing


Humans are not cautious by nature. The biggest danger in surfing comes from collisions and accidents. It is the same like you drive and talk on the cell phone. You need to pay attention to other participators.

When it comes to surfing, collisions may occur in various situations. The most dangerous ones happen if you hit another surfer with the nose of your board into his face. Lacerations could be a lucky outcome. In the worst case scenario, he can lose consciousness and end up in the hospital. Unfortunately, everybody wants to ride a big wave. The big wave doesn’t leave much space for attention. But pay attention to other surfers if you want to avoid surfing injuries! Why would you spoil your vacation and enjoyment?

The other enormous danger is marine animals, especially sharks. When the shark goes under you, it can bite your feet or calves. That kind of surfing injuries is very dangerous. You will end up in the hospital very often.  It purely depends on the part of the world you are surfing at. But generally, Hawaii and the Pacific Ocean are the most dangerous when it comes to sharks. Other dangerous animals are crocodiles, birds, whales, jellyfish, electric eel…

There is another extreme danger – reef cuts. If there isn’t much distance between the sea level and the reef, you can harm your limbs. Scratches and cuts are not dangerous, but an infection that might follow them is. In the worst case, you can get blood poisoning and your life will be endangered. When the wave flips you over, and your head initiates the contact, the consequences can be very serious. So make sure to check the shore properly before you even think of surfing! Reef cuts are one of the most common surfing injuries. It might be scratches, tears, lacerations, bruises… or even deep cuts followed by bleeding!

Localism is a thing humans will never overcome. A group from some neighborhood thinks the beach is theirs. They will never let a foreign surfer train or enjoy their beach. Fights usually happen, and fists are very often used. Street fights are very dangerous since there are no rules or protection equipment. We are the same like cats in one thing – we defend our territory! Even a local gang might attack surfers. Someone can even jump on the back of his rival. Despite these are not pure surfing injuries, they are equally or even more dangerous!

Drowning a real danger during surfing. Despite it is not an injury, it endangers your life. It might happen when the waves are big, and the beach is not checked. If the wave drops you off your board and you hit something, you might lose consciousness. Somebody has to save you before it is too late. Just be warned – think twice!

Wipeouts are extremely dangerous. You can go under the big wave, but what will happen if you don’t know to control your board? You can fall and you can hurt yourself badly. In the case the waves are higher than 4 meters, your chances of maintaining balance will be reduced to a minimum. However, this tutorial might help you become a successful surfer. Wipeouts cause more than 25% of surfing injuries, especially if you surf in Hawaii Islands.

And one of the biggest danger ever is the insufficient strength of your body. People think surfing is an easy sport where there is no need to train core exercises or leg strengthening exercises at all. But this is an extremely big mistake! No matter how hard you try, there is always a chance of hurting yourself when your muscles are weak. Start doing strength and conditioning exercises for surfers today!


Stay motivated and don’t get surfing injuries too easy.

Don’t be stubborn and follow our advice. Turn your surfing into an enjoyment and stay away from surfing injuries!



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