Surf Fitness: Indo Board training to improve balance and responsiveness on your surf board

What is an Indo Board?

Created by Hunter Joslin, a Florida-born surfer, the Indo Board is made up of an oval plank of wood that teeters on a small cushion of air or a roller. The Indo Board allows you to “ride the wave” on land. It is a fantastic training tool for all board sports.

The Indo Board Goal

“Keep the board from touching the ground for extended rides
is the goal and the challenge”


Why should I use one?

The Indo Board has been a popular training tool amongst surfers since its first appearance  on the market. The Indo Board was immediately popular with the surf community given its ability to strengthen muscles required for surfing in a very realistic manner. Surfing involves a combination of fine-tuned balance and explosive moves, which are easily replicated with the Indo Board. By doing a few key strength drills on the unstable surface of the board, a surfer can prepare themselves for tackling maneuvers in the water. The Indo Board is great for core stability, it is perfect for home workouts with limited space and it is easily packed up and carried around!

If stand-up paddleboard yoga is more your thing, you can hone your skills on the Indo Yoga Board. In comparison to the traditional Indo Board, the Yoga Board has a longer wooden platform as well as an added rocker on the bottom which creates a side-to-side instability. It will challenge even the most experienced water-born yogi.

The Indo Board site has some great instructional videos. For more surf specific training videos click this link.

Stephanie Contomichalos

Stephanie Contomichalos is a sports enthusiast. She is an avid crossfitter, wakeboarder and has recently qualified as a Level 1 CrossFit coach. She is also an advocate for women’s sport and for using sport as a tool for development. She is currently living in Athens, Greece.

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