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Surfer – strength and conditioning exercises for high performance

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Becoming a surfer – is it difficult or easy?

Many people think it is easy to become a successful surfer. And they will say you only need to ride the board on the waves. But this is only one part of training. The other part relies on strength and conditioning exercises. If your surfer has more power, there will be fewer chances of falling and being unsuccessful.

This video shows you how to surf if you are a beginner.


A successful surfer needs to have good surfing stance

To be able to understand strength and conditioning exercises, we need to focus on the basic surfing stance.

Basically, there are two types of stances – Poo stance and open stance.

Surfers with Poo stance stand on the board with their knees apart. This is the beginner’s stance since it is a lot easier to keep your knees closer to be able to perform steep drops and carving turns.

Surfers with open stance tend to keep their front foot faced forwards instead of rotating it to the side. It is better to keep it rotated to the side to be able to perform maneuvers.

After you pop up on the surf board, you will have to lower the center of your gravity. This enables better balance. It means every successful surfer needs to have very strong quads, adductors, hamstrings, and glutes. If core muscles are strong, this is one more benefit.

You need to keep your knees bent. This is similar to skiing, where a main working muscle is a quadriceps. Your head needs to be steady, which means neck extensors are important. Both feet should be on the middle part of the board, which means the biggest load is on your quads and glutes.

If you are a successful surfer, you have to be ready to bend and extend knees very often. If your legs are strong, this will be very easy for you.


Strength and conditioning exercises for a successful surfer


These exercises are the essence of the success. Surfing is a sport where you need to invest a lot to climb on the top. These are our advice, and make sure to follow them thoroughly. You can become a champ, you just need to train hard! Here are the most important exercises for high surfing performance.


Jefferson squat

Here is the video of the exercise.

Have you noticed the stance during surfing? It is actually pretty similar to Jefferson squat position. You also need to use hands to balance. This is an excellent exercise for every successful surfer.

The exercise affects your glutes and quads.


Lateral squats

Here is the video of the exercise.

During surfing, there will be the situations where you will have to shift the weight to your right or left leg. This exercise has two benefits – balance and strengthening. You need to lower yourself slowly towards the targetted leg.

It strengthens your quads, glutes, and hamstrings.


Hack squat

Here is the video of the exercise.

The best choice of exercises for a surfer is something that will make your quads burn like hell. With your hands positioned behind your body, the maximum of the load remains on your quads.

The exercise activates your glutes and quads.


Bulgarian split squat

Here is the video of the exercise.

For every successful surfer, this exercise is a must! You will sometimes surely rotate your legs forward while trying to curve or adjust. No matter how hard you train, this exercise will provide you balance you have never seen in your life before.

There is one professional tip – lower the distance between your rear and front foot. This will make the surfing movements more realistic.

An exercise targets your quads, adductors, glutes and some hamstring muscles. If the weight is bigger, it can also include lower back muscles.


Sumo squat

This is the video of the exercise.

The surfer assumes this position very often while on the board. It’s a great simulation of a realistic situation.

The exercise strengthens your adductors, glutes, and quads.


Good morning

Here is the video of the exercise.

There are some situations where you will have to shift the weight forward or backward suddenly. Especially if the wave surprises you. This exercise will provide an amazing balance.

You will also strengthen the rear side of your body – back muscles, lower back muscles, hamstring muscles, and glutes.


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You can become a successful surfer – believe in yourself, never give up and stay dedicated!



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