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Core exercises for surfers – strengthening stomach muscles

Core exercises are important for almost any sport. In surfing, there are a lot of position changes, especially when it comes to the sudden wave. You will need to adjust, and you will be in an off-balance position many times. Strong core muscles will help you maintain the position for a longer period of time, avoid

Strong core muscles will help you maintain the position for a longer period of time, avoid falling off the board and achieve better results.

Here is the instructional video of how to surf – you will notice why it is important to be strong.

Take a look at our basic surfing strength and conditioning exercises too.


Top 7 core exercises for high surfing performance


When you surf, the balance of your body is maintained throughout the combination of lateral abdominals and abdominals. Neck muscles should also be strong if you want to avoid unnecessary moves. On the other hand, lower back muscles and are important when you prevent falling off the board.

Here are the most suitable core exercises for amazing surfing performance.


Single leg frogs

Here is the video of the exercise.

An exercise is excellent to strengthen your hip flexors, abdominals, and groin muscles. And not only that, it simulates the movement of your front leg when you try to avoid an off-balance position. You never know how the wave may surprise you.


Fingers over knees hold out

Here is the video of the exercise.

This exercise provides a double benefit to your surfer. Not only it strengthens your core muscles, but it also affects positively on the strength of your neck flexors.

This is a world class way to train your abdominals and neck flexors at the same time and maximize the effect of training. If the surfer has a weak neck, he will not be able to maintain the position properly.


Frogs with leg like a duck

Here is the video of the exercise.

There is a similarity between this exercise and surfing stance. As well as you know, your knees are bent and flexed. The exercise makes the position of your legs realistic.

It strengthens your adductors, hip flexor muscles, and abdominals.


Lateral ceiling with medicine ball

Here is the video of the exercise.

When you maintain balance during surfing, your lateral abdominals are working and your neck needs to remain straight if you want to look where are you going.

An exercise strengthens the lateral flexors of your neck, lateral abdominals and deltoid muscles.


Lateral clutches with medicine ball

Here is the video of the exercise.

An awesome exercise which will make your oblique muscles stronger than ever. It will affect positively on your balance maintenance.

The exercise strengthens your oblique muscles, abdominals and hip abductor muscles.



Here is the video of the exercise.

You need to bounce while on the board. This may not be an easy task at all, however, you need to adjust your body to sudden changes. The exercise simulates various position changes.

The exercise strengthens oblique muscles, abdominals, and neck flexors. This is a triple benefit to your surfer.


Sit-ups with a twist

Here is the video of the exercise.

An excellent general exercise which strengthens your abdominals, lateral abdominals and your neck indirectly. No matter what your training goal is, this exercise may have various benefits.


Congratulations, now you know what are the best core exercises for high surfing performance. But you need to know one thing – core exercises are just a beginning. If you want to become a world-class surfer, you need to stay dedicated to your goal and train hard.

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