Animal Clothing Rider Interviews Part 2: Sonny Timson

Well, for the second instalment of our Animal riders interviews we would like to introduce one of the best young UK based surfers around Sonny Timson. Part of a brotherly duo who both ride for the brand Sonny has kindly given up some of his time to answer a few questions on why he loves surfing so much, what it’s like to be a UK based rider and finally what are his top tunes for that pre-ride changing session.

We hope you enjoy it and please don’t hesitate to put a comment below if you would like to know more.

Sonny Timpson Animal Clothing

Sonny Timson Animal Clothing

Ian: HI Sonny. How’s it going? Can you give us a bit of an introduction about yourself?

Sonny: I’m a 17 year old surfer from the Newquay area and I always love to surf no matter what the conditions are like.

Ian: How did you get started in Surfing?

Sonny: Well, when i was younger my family moved down to Cornwall from the Midlands because we loved surfing and the Cornish coast so much.

Ian: What’s your favourite break?

Sonny: My favourite spot to surf would be Hossegor (France) because their is a huge variety of waves in a small area whether you are looking for a huge splitting barrel or a fun peeling 2 footer.

Ian: Is there anywhere in the UK that you would like to surf but haven’t had the chance yet?

Sonny: I would love to surf Clovelly which is a long peeling left hand point break in Devon but it only breaks a few times a year so it’s hard to score it good.

Ian: What was your weirdest day’s surfing? What happened?

Sonny: It was Hossegor in the summer, the waves were massive and I was a bit nervous about going in but my dad said I’d be fine so I followed my brother outback between the sets and waited for a good wave. I turned around and paddled into this wave that didn’t look so bad but as I was paddling into it the wave sucked up really fast as it hit the shallow sand bank which sent me over the falls with my board which hit me in the eye underwater. That got me sent to hospital.

Ian: What’s your plans for the next few years?

Sonny: Within the next few years I will be concentrating on finishing my sixth form course and working as a beach lifeguard in the summer holidays. There will definitely be lots of surfing in between though.

Ian: What advice would you give to a young grom just getting started?

Sonny: I would say the best advice is to keep surfing lots, even when the conditions are tricky and it’ll still improve your surfing.

Don’t focus so much on small UK comp results, build your own following on social media and hopefully a good company will notice you and invite you to represent them.

Ian: How did you hook up with Animal?

Sonny: I was contacted by one of Animals then marketing manager Ben Cooper who said he had been asking around the UK surf scene for a surfer who would be a good ambassador for Animal and he said that my name kept coming up top, so got in touch and I have been with them ever since working closely with all the Animal team.

Ian: What’s it like working with the ‘classic’ UK surf brand?

Sonny: Animal have been a big name on the surf scene in the UK for as long as I can remember and having shops in my home town Newquay you see people wearing Animal classics everywhere, not just the surfers, the brand fits in with all sports and age groups.

Ian: What are your top tips for riding UK breaks?

Sonny: Riding UK breaks can be more difficult to ride than other spots due to it being more unpredictable. The most important thing would be to get in the right spot for the best waves. The better quality waves are easier to do manouvers on.

Ian: What’s the best thing about being a UK based rider?

Sonny: The best thing about being a UK based rider is that the many coastlines mean that there is always a wave somewhere no matter what the swell is.

Ian: If you could make a playlist for when you are getting changed to ride, what would be your top 3 tracks?

Sonny: 21 Savage ‘No Heart’

             Post Malone ‘Rockstar’

             Macky Gee X Phantasy ‘Spacehopper’

Well another big thank you to the guys at Animal for setting us up with these interviews and a big thanks to Sonny for giving us his time. Don’t miss the final part of the interviews when we interview Sonny’s big bro George.

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