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Skiing disciplines – types competition list equipment

To be able to understand skiing disciplines, the first thing that needs to be defined is skiing. It can have few meanings – a type of transport on the snow where you use skis or winter sports where competitors use skis to glide down the snow and achieve the best results.

Some of the competitions are recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), while the others are a part of the International Ski Federation (FIS). There are many various places where people have the ability to test their skiing skills.


Skiing disciplines – types of skiing


There are three types of skiing – alpine, Nordic, and telemark.

Alpine skiing is usually called downhill skiing. It takes place on a ski resort or on a piste. There are characteristic boots that skiers carry during this activity. It is usually very hard to walk in them. Due to that, ski centers have various ski-lifts or chairlifts, which bring skiers up the slope. Backcountry skiing is one more in the family of skiing disciplines, with a significant difference. You have to access by helicopter, hiking, snowmobile, or snowcat. There are various types of fun in the skiing facilities – night skiing and glade skiing. It is always supervised by ski patrol and ski schools. Alpine skiing is separated from Nordic skiing during the 1920s, with the invention of ski-lifts for easier access.

There are only two Nordic skiing disciplines – cross-country skiing and ski jumping. Bindings are used on the toes on the skier’s boots, but heels are free. Cross-country skiing can be trained in rural areas or snowy roads. The most important thing for a successful cross-country skier is a flat snowy area. Ski jumping is done in specially designed areas where you have a ramp and a slope under a certain inclination.

Telemark skiing is the only one in the family of skiing disciplines that is sanctioned by FIS. It got its name from Telemark, a region in Norway. The equipment in telemark skiing is similar to Nordic skiing, but ski boot is attached at the toe only. The skier has the ability to raise his heels while performing turns and direction changes.


Skiing disciplines – competition list


Here is the list of competitions that are accepted by the FIS and USSA (US Ski Snowboard Association). Some of these competitions even have their World Cups that take place in the Olympic Games. The list includes:

  • Cross-country: It includes various cross-country races. The races have different lengths. These races are usually done through various courses, with a combination of slopes and turns, where the endurance is a dominant factor for the successful result. There are many competitions – biathlon (shooting and cross-country skiing), ski marathon events, and cross-country ski orienteering events.
  • Ski jumping: this is an Olympic sport. There are FIS Ski World Jumping Cup, FIS Ski-Flying World Championships, and FIS Grand Prix Ski Jumping.
  • Nordic combined: this is also an Olympic sport. It is a combination of cross-country skiing and ski jumping. The competitors compete in FIS Nordic World Cup Combined too.
  • Alpine skiing: It has many disciplines – downhill, Super-G, slalom, giant slalom, and Para-alpine. There are also competitions which include two events. Super Combined is a discipline where the competitor completes one Super-G run and one slalom skiing. Most of these skiing disciplines are Olympic events.
  • Speed skiing: it became the Olympic sport in 1990 in Albertsville. The goal of the competition is to go as fast as you can. The competitors who gain the highest top speed wins.
  • Freestyle skiing: it includes aerials, mogul skiing, ski cross, slopestyle, and half-pipe. Some of them are Olympic events.
  • Snowboard competitions: it includes alpine, parallel slalom, half-pipe, parallel giant slalom, cross, and slopestyle. It is very interesting list of competitions where competitors use snowboard instead of skis.


Skiing disciplines – equipment which is a must for every skier


When it comes to the equipment, its choice makes the most superior competitor. UrbanSurfer offers a lot of the equipment, which can be purchased on sale, at lower prices. Here is the equipment list:

  • Skis – the basic part of the equipment is also a wax, which is applied to minimize sliding friction. A ski which slides moves better. It is more suitable and it will enable better ride. There are also twin-tip skies. You can freely move forward or backward with them.
  • Boots and bindings
  • Ski goggles
  • Skiing gloves
  • Poles
  • Helmets and ski suits.


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