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World-class skateboarder versus regular skateboarder

When it comes to the difference between a world-class skateboarder and a regular skateboarder, there is a surprising fact. It is very little! Believe it or not, there are tiny details that make the difference between the legend, the superstar, and an average skateboarder.

Becoming world-class skateboarder isn’t easy at all.  But maintaining this status – well, this is a lot more difficult.  I mean, reaching the level of a world-class skateboarder is a tough mission, but staying on the top… A lot harder!


World-class skateboarder – needs, requirements, and lasting

There are few things you must consider before reaching the elite level. Is your technique good? How big your ambitions are? Do you really want to become the best? There are many other things which will be described. But the state of your mind may determine your level of success!

Is your technique good or not? There are some elite skateboarders who had no technique at all. The beginner should have some qualities. But Bob Burnquist started skating very late, and he is still on the top! If your technique is not the best, don’t lose hope! All you have to do is remain persistent and dedicated to your goal! Talent is important, but not crucial.

Lifestyle is usually very important thing. In most cases, it makes the difference between a world-class skateboarder and a regular one. The world-class skateboarder dedicates everything he has to skateboard. He thinks about it, goes to bed on time, doesn’t visit parties every single day… He is fully focused on one goal – skateboarding success.

Someone who wants to progress lives like a robot. It is very hard when you are a human. However, are you ready to go high? Do you want sponsors, attention, public eye? Everything asks for renunciation. No matter how hard you try, there is no chance you will be able to succeed if you don’t respect rules. You have to remain fully dedicated to your goal – becoming the world-class skateboarder! Remember, a regular skateboarder can go to parties, drink, take weed etc. The world-class skateboarder has to know his limits! He mustn’t be tricked – he has to know when to stop!

Training makes an outstanding difference. The way you train speaks a lot about you and your real intentions. Ok, some of us don’t have support. But are you aware how much you should train to reach the elite level?

The world-class skateboarder wakes up every morning, and he wants to go the park. Nothing is difficult to him. He will try vert or any dangerous track. His main goal is progress. He is never fully satisfied. When he reaches the top, he tries to maintain his position.

Do you go to the park every single day? Do you hire strength and conditioning coach? Strength and conditioning exercises are very important part of success. You need to cover all the aspects. Think about the future in many ways. The focus of training sessions needs to be in progress. If you want to learn some hard trick without maximizing your performance and correcting the smallest details, it is time to change the sport. You will be a regular skateboarder forever!

Motivation is extremely important. How will you remain motivated? Urban Surfer has great suggestions. There is one very important thing that makes the difference between the world-class skateboarder and a regular skateboarder – motivation recovery. What does it mean?

To be able to recover your motivation, you need to have a thing that triggers you. Everybody has something that boosts his energy and morale. All you need to do is find a trigger. You can be a daredevil, masochist, rising star, someone who thinks he reached maximum, or an unskillful skateboarder. But if you know to recover motivation, you will always be able to climb higher.

Your favorite skateboarder talks a lot about your personality. There is a reason why someone chooses Tony Hawk or Rodney Mullen, for example. The ones who chose Mullen are usually the fans of free ride and street skateboarding.

Someone who chooses Bob Burnquist is probably attracted by high levels of adrenaline. He is usually an adrenaline junkie. Can he become the best in the world? Of course, but being too brave has its own problems.

Someone who chooses successful teenager will probably try to become a senior champ during teenage years. These guys are known for one famous sentence – all or nothing!

In the end, the most important thing is the level of support. Just like every other athlete, a world-class skateboarder needs a hell of the support to succeed.

He needs to cope with all his problems. Parents should support him. If he is a rebel by nature, he will fight against them. But usually, parents are too conservative. Skateboarding is a sport for brave people who know their limits. On the other hand, a sponsor can support someone financially. In that case, lack of parental support might be neutralized. The main thing for the development of successful skateboarder is support. You need to help him, you shouldn’t block him from achievements!



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