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Becoming a skateboarder isn’t the much difficult task at all. But if you want to train vert skateboarding, you will need a lot more. You need to be a fearless man who blindly wants to succeed.

You need to buy protective gear. You need to stay focused. Entering the world of vert skateboarding is never easy. Here are some steps and suggestions which will help you enjoy this world class discipline.

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Vert skateboarding – what do you need and how to start?


Basic recommendations

“Vert” is a very popular skateboarding discipline. These competitions occur on the huge half pipe ramps. If you watched X games, you have probably seen many competitors flying in the air and performing acrobatics.

The discipline is very attractive but very dangerous at the same time. If you are a daredevil who hasn’t good skating skills, you will face big problems.

You must learn first the basics of skateboarding to be able to go vert. This thread will help you.


Finding a good ramp

If you are a beginner, you cannot look for a ramp which will throw you 5 meters in the air. Start slowly, and then increase the height of your jump. Don’t be too ambitious in the beginning.

You can go in the free skate park and train on the ramp. Those ramps are usually smaller and it will be crowdy, but it is a good recommendation for a beginner. However, if you want to become like Tony Hawk, you can either find a concrete vertical ramp in the specific skateboarding part or obtain your own one. It will cost more money, but it will pay off when you become a champion.



Being a daredevil will bring you tons of broken bones and injuries. It’s time to protect yourself properly. If you ride without elbow pads, knee protectors or helmets, you will spend too much time in the hospital.

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Injury prevention and knee sliding

Basically, it is very easy to slide on your knees when you have knee protectors. Vert skateboarding has to be fun in the beginning. If you create tension, you will not reach far.

Fall intentionally on the ramp and slide down on your knees. Make sure nobody is near you. You can also jump on your knees.

If you learn to fall, you will have a fewer number of fractures and injuries. Especially if you go 5 meters in the air!

Look at this tutorial and improve your sliding skills!


Going up and down on the vertical ramp

If you want to be a master of vert skateboarding, you must know how to adjust your speed. You must know when to push, and when to perform the trick.

Push your skateboard at the bottom of the ramp and bend your knees. Once you reach the top of the ramp, push down as hard as you can.

You have gained some speed, now obtain the same technique over and over till you reach the top. Go higher and higher until you reach the top. Keep training, it is difficult, but don’t give up!

Once you mastered the skill, try rotating on the ramp. It is an important part of vert skateboarding – if you pivot properly, you will have more chances of winning the competition.


Obtaining “the dropping in” technique

This is a very important part of vert skateboarding. Take a deep breath first. And choose a small ramp for the beginning. If you know how to slide, you will lessen the chances of injury.

Go in the public skateboarding park. You can choose a mini-ramp or a pipe – if you fall, it won’t be that serious. You need something you can practice on.

It’s time for a big ramp. Let yourself go down and bend your knees. Try to relax as much as you can and feel the speed. Once you feel confident, you can even obtain some tricks.


Vert ramp – the moment of truth

It’s time to slide down the vert ramp. Are you ready? Are you confident enough? Let your body feel the adrenalin!

Place the front foot on the nose of your skateboard. Shift your weight to the front part of your skateboard and let it roll! Don’t panic, this is the best way to hurt yourself!

If you want to add more balance, lower your knees. If the center of gravity is closer to the ground, you will obtain more stability. As you go down, make sure you transfer the weight backward.

When you climb up the ramp, shift your weight forward again.

When you are confident enough, jump in the air! After you have no fear of jumping, there is only one suggestion – train hard and train every day. It will pay off in the end!


Note these are recommendations only. Once on the field, you will discover a perfect technique for yourself. Every man is a unit for himself!

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