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Teenager skateboarders – young skaters and their achievements

There are so many teenager skateboarders who achieved excellent results before the age of 20. The age limit in skateboarding moves every year. Young skaters become superstars.

There are many reasons why teenagers achieve better results. There are not many obligations in young age. Kids can rely on parents support. In the later years, there is a possibility you will have to earn your own money. Rodney Mullen started a professional contract when he was very young. Tony Hawk is the same example.

Among teenager skateboarders, there are few names which will always be remembered. There are few skaters which are famous today.


Teenager skateboarders – the most famous ones

Here is the list of the most known teenagers who achieved excellent results and became superstars.


Chase Webb (USA) is one of the teenager skateboarders who succeeded very early on. This 19-year-old has some great successes under his belt. He has already been in the headlines for many times. Chase is a part of Transworld Skateboarding and The Berrics. The experts are predicting a bright future for this skateboarder.

Enjoy his highlights reel!


Ethan Loy (USA) has a family talent. He is a younger brother of David Loy, who is also a world-class skateboarder. He turned pro in Element, while his brother did it for Birdhouse. This 18-year-old has everything a good skateboarder needs – he is quick, responsive, his agility is great and his timing is outstanding. He has been on the cover of Transworld Skateboarding.

Enjoy his highlights reel!


Nakel Smith (USA) is a professional 19-year-old skateboarder from Los Angeles. He is known for his role in Supreme’s new Cherry video. His results are great! Nakel is probably one of the best black skateboarders ever.

Here are his highlights!


Elijah Berle (USA) became famous when he got on Chocolate in the company of Stevie Perez and Raven Tershy. The next year, everybody knew who this teenager is. In the world of teenager skateboarders, he fought his way in the shortest amount of time possible.

Here are the highlights!


Will Fyock (USA) earned his glory when he was a flow kid on Expedition. He was missing for few years, despite he was one of the biggest talents. In the Battle of Berrics 7, he has returned in a spectacular way. Despite his defeat from Sewa Kroetkov, he will surely show more performances in the following competitions.

It’s his highlights!


Mitchie Brusco (USA) is a stunning 17-years-old professional who already has many victories and achievements. He is one of teenager skateboarders who is a fan of Mega Ramp and who can perform breathless tricks without showing fear. He pulled a 1080-degree turn in the competition! Is this guy a human or what?! He is definitively the one with most attractive tricks!

Here is Mitchie’s highlights reel.


Kevin Bradley (USA) fought his way through very quickly. He is a part of the crew in Cherry today. He is also on Nike SB. Kevin is an upcoming superstar if he continues to follow these steps.

Here are his highlights.


Jack Olson (USA) is a skateboarder who vanished and appeared many times during his life. Despite he knows to appear in the late stages of the year, he is now a member of the Real. He also promotes the C1rca shoes. His main features are precision, power, and concentration. He is a type of a guy who never gives up and who fights until the end. This 19-year-old definitively has a bright future.

Here are the highlights.


Alec Majerus (USA) is a winner of many competitions. He was interviewed by Thrasher. He won the Flip Rider. He is known for his outstanding backflip nose blunt slide down a handrail. Not only that he is a talented kid. He is a teenager who likes to have fun! Alec is an outstanding street skateboarder.

Enjoy his highlights!


Rowan Zorilla (USA) made his career rock when he started skating with Riley Hawk and the rest of Shep Dawgs crew. He is a 19-year-old with excellent possibilities. He has the ability to skate any spot he is currently on! Even the Mega Ramp!

Here is his highlight reel.


Curren Caples (USA) was a park kid, but he was able to create an outstanding transition in his skating style. Today, he can skate almost any track. He earns additional money from selling boards with his name on it. He is a universal skateboarder!

Enjoy his highlights.

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