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Skateboarding benefits that will make you think of starting it right away!

There are many skateboarding benefits you aren’t even aware of. When people hear the word skateboarding, many of them think about very dangerous activity for adrenaline junkies who like to risk their lives. But in the leisure time, skateboarding can be used in many ways – stress release, social factor, burning calories, competition… This is not the activity for adrenaline junkies only, it can be widely used for many good things!

Here is the list of the most important skateboarding benefits with the description of each one.

Excellent way to burn calories

Despite it looks like a very easy activity, skateboarding is an excellent way to burn calories. If you ollie or push skateboard all the time, and especially if your activity lasts for a longer period of time, you may even burn 340-430 calories per hour. It is not as much as an intense exercise, but it is an excellent way to reduce your weight.

Building muscles

This is one of the hidden skateboarding benefits. Many people will say skateboarders are very thin people whose power is on the lowest levels. But they are wrong! Skateboarding develops thighs, calves, hamstrings, glutes, lower back muscles, abdominal muscles, side abdominals… If you perform a gymnastics tricks like handstand or rotations in the air (somersaults), you will strengthen the whole body. There is no better way to strengthen your body than gymnastics. If gymnastics and skateboarding are combined, you will be super strong.

Stress release

One of the most important skateboarding benefits definitively. As the hypokinesia takes the humanity over, people are finding various ways to keep moving and fight versus this dangerous disease. Skateboarding definitively is one of those ways. Skateboarding affects positively on stress release. After all, performing tricks has a positive influence on building self-confidence. Many people find a great way to prove themselves through skateboarding.

It is helpful against depression

Unfortunately, there are no official studies which can confirm this. However, skateboarding occupies your mind. If you are focused on one thing, your brain pays less attention to other things. Some people simply find happiness in skateboarding and those are excellent ways for them to cope with everyday problems. If people are suicidal, one of the most popular ways is finding an occupation for them. An occupation will distract them from dark thoughts, and a skateboarding is an excellent way. They can start thinking about themselves as successful skateboarders if they like the sport.


Have you ever looked how do the skateboarders dress? Most of them are the fans of fashion and follow the latest trends. If your friend’s skateboarders want to buy, for example, modern shorts, there is a huge chance you will want the same thing, if you are a skateboarder. This is one of non-visible skateboarding benefits. But it is effective as well.

In the world of fashion, skateboarding is widely appreciated.

Positive influence on children

Do you want to prevent your child from wasting time in the street with wrong people? Is your child having a lot of energy? There is an excellent way to fight with it – skateboarding! This is one of the most significant skateboarding benefits. Many children sit on the PC for a whole day and play video games. But you should try everything – if your child starts to like performing tricks, you made a great choice 100%.

And before even buying a skateboard, make sure you buy protection gear… after all, you want to prevent injuries in the first place.

UrbanSurfer has a world-class offer for skateboarders.

Medical condition treatment

There are many people with autism or various medical conditions which limit their possibilities. However, skateboarding can help those people to find a place where they belong. Maybe some of them will become champions, you never know. Children should be encouraged to become champions, but at the same time, they should find friends, grow, experience, take chances… Children should be encouraged to try themselves in many various activities – maybe some of them are born to be skateboarders.


This is one of the most important benefits. Starting in the 1980s, this extreme sport develops constantly. There are more and more skateboarders every day and the competition is very hard. Only the best will be remembered as winners.

It is one of the most important skateboarding benefits. Recruiting children to train, compete and achieve excellent results will surely keep them off the street – if a child trains 3-4 hours every single day, there will be no time for wasting time in the street.

Some of them will be inspired by their idols, other will try to become the best. However, it is in many ways better than smoking, drinking or consuming drugs. And if children become successful, there is a possibility of earning a lot of money! It is required to be a Spartan – you must focus on skateboarding and nothing else. You must risk injuries, spend sleepless nights before competitions… but the legends will always be remembered. Your name can be written in history.


Skateboarding equipment was extremely expensive in the 1980s and only children of the rich had the ability to become the skateboarders. Today, equipment is not expensive at all. This is one more of skateboarding benefits.

All you should do is check UrbanSurfer. How many discounts are offered on skateboarding equipment? The prices are very affordable – even your aunt can buy a skateboard. Even people with lowest salaries and pensions can buy a skateboard!

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