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Successful skateboarder – advice on the trip to the stars

Becoming a successful skateboarder – is it just a dream? Can this dream get true? There are many obstacles along the way, but you are the one who determines. You are the one who chooses whether to fight or pull back. If you decide to pull back, you may never live the tale. You may never be successful like Bob Burnquist is!


Successful skateboarder – you must be ready to relinquish many things you like

Just like every single sport, skateboarding requires full dedication. This doesn’t mean training only. Athletes have some rules which need to be respected. No matter how much you disagree with it – the more you respect the rules, better the results will be.


Think like an athlete

Here is the good video.

The brain of the athlete has to be specific. If you are focused on your goals, sometimes it simply isn’t enough. You need to try hard.

You need to believe in your success. Every time you appear in the competition, you must think you will be the winner. Think about your victory, visualize the competition in your head. It is very hard to become a successful skateboarder. Can you really try that hard? Can you maximize your efforts? Better talk to yourself before even attempting to become a skateboarding legend!


Forget about sleepless nights

Get a good night’s sleep is a must! Hormonal regulation inside of your body dictates your energy. If the regulation is not good, you will have a big problem.

You can be tired on the day of competition, and that means your performance will be at least 20% worse. Going to sleep after 12 PM may affect your performance heavily.

There is no need to sleep if your body doesn’t allow you. You can close your eyes, turn off the TV and PC and stay away from your cell phone. Radiation makes you tired too. Turn off the lights, close your eyes and try to relax your mind. If you have a hard training session or the day of competition, the last thing you need is an unnecessary fatigue.

If you want to become a successful skateboarder, partying is not an option on every single day. You can go once per week or twice per month. But this is not a sporty lifestyle!


Alcohol, weed, and cigars

This is the most critical part. The success can rise you to the stars, but it can destroy you as well.

Some people simply didn’t get used to popularity. Chicks will want to spend more time with you. You will try to retain their attention as much as possible. But here comes a wrong turn – why should a successful skateboarder even think of those three?

The first thing is depression. It is very hard to spend so many days outside of your town. Your friends and family will miss you. You will try to find an alternative. But if you want to maintain the status of a successful skateboarder, forget about the things that will destroy you. Find an alternative solution – it will cost you popularity. If you are on the top, everybody knows you. If you go down, many people will forget you. Unless you are Tony Hawk or Rodney Mullen, of course!

The second thing is loneliness. The human cannot live alone. If you have no friends or someone to talk to, you will try to find alternative ways. Luckily, today you can use electronic ways to communicate, so this is not so big problem. But remember – a successful skateboarder needs to stay away from trouble!

The third thing is a false impression of popularity. Your friends will probably tell you they are doing cool things. You need to be cool, right? Their impression is wrong! You will be cool if you are a champion! If you are a junkie, you will waste your money, home, car… your family will leave you! Do you want to end up without anybody supporting you? If you are an alcoholic, this is what expects you! And one more thing – athletes have regular doping tests. If you fall, you will not be able to compete for at least two years. Is that what you want?


Forget about adrenaline rush outside of your training session and competition

Almost every successful skateboarder is an adrenaline junkie. If you want to live a sporty lifestyle, it is a series of stressful events. No matter how hard you try, you want to thrill and excitement outside of your skateboarding events.

Every successful skateboarder should have a psychologist, who he can talk to. An expert will surely find a proper way to control the desire. I mean, you need to feel the burst of adrenaline, but in the competition! If you want to drive your car fast or fight with someone, that is the wrong way to channel your energy.

In the competition, you will go high if you are a vert skateboarder. When your body feels fear, it stimulates the excretion of specific hormones. If you want to stimulate your hormones, don’t you think it would be better to go to the skateboarding park and train? You can hurt yourself but for the purpose of becoming a champion!

You need to use your adrenaline to become the legend, not to destroy your life.

Here is a good documentary – fear is an addiction. It is, but find a healthy way to evoke your fear!


Strength training sessions

You have seen – almost every successful skateboarder is skinny. They don’t lift heavy weights, but strength training is a very important link! No matter how skinny he looks, he is very strong. A successful skateboarder needs to have the heart of a lion with the strength of a tiger. If you don’t agree, nobody forces you. But your strength is only a big plus.

If you don’t agree, nobody forces you. But your strength is only a big plus. Especially when it comes to the successful skateboarder. You need to invest if you want to earn.

Here is some advice:

Leg exercises – try to follow this tutorial regularly. If you want to maintain good balance and success, your legs must explode.

Core holding exercises – do you really think you can have a great hang time without excellent core strength? You are definitively wrong! Stronger core muscles lead to better results.

Ultimate core sessions – dynamic training sessions are equally important as the static ones.

Specific skateboarding exercises – all of these exercises have application in skateboarding. Are you ready to roll? This is the most important part of your strength training sessions. Please read this carefully!


Congrats, now you know how to become a successful skateboarder. But don’t take this easy – one wrong decision can change your life! Stay dedicated to your goals! Never lose your faith!


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