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Static core exercises for skateboarders and its importance

If you want to create a world-class skateboarder, you need to train. You need a lot of sweat and a lot of training sessions. But what happens if you want to improve balance and hang time? Which kind of exercises is the best? Here comes the importance of static core exercises to the fore.

When it comes to static core exercises, many people think those are exercises which are important for any sport. It is partially true. Actually, when a skateboarder wants better hang time, he is mostly parallel to the ground. To be able to resist the force of gravity, he needs to have extremely strong lateral abdominals – musculus obliquus externus and musculus obliquus internus. The stronger lateral abs you have, hang time will be better and you will be able to resist the force of gravity for a longer period of time.

Static core exercises – the best choice for your skateboarder

It is very important to know which exercises should be chosen and why. When choosing static core exercises for your skateboarder, make sure lateral abs are always in the foreground. Whatever you do, lateral abs are the most used muscles during performing skateboarding tricks.

When your skateboarder rotates or performs 90% of the tricks, lateral abs are doing the most of the job. That is the reason why you need to train it properly and never underestimate its importance. As you can see, exercises can be applied in any surround, no special requirements are needed.

Side plank with elevated arm

Here is the video for the exercise.

An exercise includes lateral abs and deltoid muscle. It is an excellent choice if you want to train balance and core at the same time. Make sure to hold this position for at least 30 seconds, and then change side. As you progress, you can increase the time. The best skateboarders in the world can hold these positions for 5-7 minutes!

Semi-star holdout

Among all static core exercises for the skateboarders, this maybe is the easiest one.

All you need to is lift your head, upper arm, and legs off the ground, while your lower arm stays on the ground at 45-degree angle. Make sure to hold this position as long as you can. Your legs must touch each other. You mustn’t touch the floor with your lower leg. This position can easily be held for 5 minutes or more if you are a champion!

See-saw holdout

Here is the video for the exercise.

If you want to focus on your lateral abdominals and train your front abdominal muscles at the same time, this is an excellent choice. Make sure to hold this position as long as you can. It will increase the strength of your neck, which can later be beneficial if you want to maintain the good position of your head while you perform stunts.

Side plank on TRX

Here is the video.

You know what makes the difference among static core exercises for champions and static core exercises for legends? The difficulty! This is one of the most difficult exercises for your lateral abs. But don’t you dare to give up!

Becoming a legend is difficult, but everybody will remember your name for a long period of time. What is wrong with Tony Hawk and Bob Burnquist? Nothing… they will remain legends forever! If you want to become a legend, this exercise is a must!

Place the TRX somewhere in your gym… ask a certified coach to show you. Your legs are on TRX. Hold the position as long as you can. Remember, you want to become a legend!

Side laying holdout

This is one of the easiest static core exercises. Some people can maintain this position for half an hour or even more.

If you are a beginner to skateboarding, it is an excellent way to start strengthening your muscles. When you try to perform a trick which includes rejection of the wall or retaining position parallel to the substrate, the importance of this exercise is crucial – if contracted on time, your hang time will be significantly better and you will earn more points.

Oblique at once

This is a fantastic exercise if you want to isolate your lateral abs.

Make sure your upper leg and upper arm are fully strengthened and press them together. The lower arm remains on the ground, while your head is off the ground. Maintain this position as long as you can. Everything above 3 minutes means you are becoming a champion – stay focused!

Congratulations, now you know which are the best static core exercises for skateboarders. If you want to become a successful skateboarder, keep training and never give up!

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