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Skateboarding secrets – why aren’t you a pro yet?

There are many skateboarding secrets that stand between an amateur and a pro. You may train for ages and never become a pro. It sometimes depends on the factors of luck. However, you are mostly the creators of your own destiny.

This tutorial will present you the most important skateboarding secrets that make the difference between an amateur and a superstar.

And here is a good tutorial which describes what is needed to every skateboarder if he wants to become successful.

The most important skateboarding secrets


There are many tiny things that make the difference between an amateur and a pro.

The way you think: Actually, this is the main difference between an average athlete and a world-class athlete. Someone who wants to be the best is focused on the achievement. He thinks 24 hours per day about his results, competitions, opponents, tricks… No matter what happens, skateboarding is most important thing in his life. He can handle everything to become a superstar.

When you ask an average athlete how does his daily schedule look, he will probably mention school, friends, and other things. A world-class athlete has very little time for other things. He goes to the training session, returns home, and thinks about training. He is fully focused on skateboarding. When he comes back home, he thinks what was wrong in the training session and what could be better. The best ones are writing their mistakes. A world-class athlete will always try to improve himself. Even if he is a champion of the world!

Level of motivation: It is the most important thing if you want a long career. There is the difference between a motivated athlete and non-motivated athlete. Someone who wants to become a legend will always try to remain motivated. I am aware private life problems could easily destroy your morale. But you mustn’t give up!

This tutorial explains how you should keep your levels of motivation. Every human is a unit for himself. Everybody is clicked on something. These skateboarding secrets will help you climb high in your career.

The way you train: You taught it is only important to train? Welcome to the world of skateboarding secrets! Training is important… but how will you train?

If you train, but barely wait for your training session to end, you should reconsider what do you want in your life. A superstar will train to improve himself. A superstar will never ask how much has left until the end! Superstars are the fans of video analysis. They will always try to improve themselves. They will look for the slightest details.

You can think about training session for a whole day. Good ollie, for example, is not only about the jump. You need to think about the position of your legs, body, head… The difference between the superstar and the amateur is the level of details. While the amateur sees victory or defeat, a superstar can always find a new detail to improve.

The way you live: Many skateboarders lost their careers because of their lifestyle. They were rigorous until they reached the top. But the art is to remain on top! When you reach public eye, this is a two-edged sword! Maybe the most important of all skateboarding secrets is the way you live.

What do you think, why Bob Burnquist‘s career lasts so much? He is fully dedicated! Many world-class athletes couldn’t deal with all the attention. All those magazines, parties, interviews, friends… it can destroy a man. A party is good if you visit it sometimes to relax. But constant partying destroys your body. You don’t sleep when you need to. Your hormones go wild. Maybe you will even start to use drugs. I mean, all of us seek for popularity right? But don’t let popularity destroy you.

A superstar will deal everything and give up everything. His goal is to remain the best in the world. And he will never let partying ruin his goals.

The possibility of progress: Some athletes are limited to the basic arsenal of tricks. However, a good skateboarder will try everything. His creativity knows no limits.

A good skateboarder is ready to try even the most difficult tricks. Even the most dangerous ones are not the obstacle. In the world of skateboarding secrets, the difference between a legend and an amateur is definitively the progress. A legend always goes higher due to its dedication and will to try.


There are many skateboarding secrets that make the difference between an amateur and a superstar. Which one will you be?




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