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Skateboarding park – what makes the difference?

Many of you have probably wonder how will you know what is a good skateboarding park, and what is the bad one. It cannot be seen on the first sight. There are tiny things you need to know before you able to recognize a good one.


How will you recognize high-quality skateboarding park?


Here are top 5 skateparks.

There are some aspects you need to pay attention to:

  • It is always open – this is one of the best quality a skateboarding park needs to have. There are adrenaline junkies who like to train in the middle of the night. But it must have a guard, drunks and alcoholics shouldn’t spoil the atmosphere.
  • It has many obstacles – more obstacles it has, more popular it is. However, too many obstacles are not good too. If the skateboarding park is designed for vert skateboarding, it should have everything related to it. If the goal is a regular relaxed ride, there should be lighter obstacles.
  • The distance between obstacles – it should be the big enough so two skateboarders can bypass each other. If you want to connect tricks, there should be enough space to maintain the control over your skateboard.
  • Good bathroom – of course, this is a must. No matter whether it is in the open area or indoor.
  • Quality attendants – the skateboarding park which offers services to everybody will probably lack. The main reason is the decrease in quality. People simply don’t pay attention to nature. Someone will forget his watch, the other one will leave garbage… The visitors should be good and educated skateboarders which are aware of the environment. Nobody can enjoy garbage and stink!
  • Good flow – the break periods between the skateboarders shouldn’t be too long. They should skate in pairs, if possible. The cooperation needs to be proper. If you want this to happen, you need to educate the skaters. The skateboarding park should have basic rules everybody should respect.
  • No dirt – this might be an extremely difficult task, especially because of the youth. However, it is not hard to pay someone to clean it before he goes to work. It usually requires no more than 2 hours of cleaning.
  • Children learn to skate and become the future champions – it is unbelievably important part of every skateboarding park. The motivation among your athletes and regular skateboarders will rise. When they see there is a skateboarding school, they will think twice. The park will look ten times more serious. Everybody wants to see dedication, high-quality work, and the wish to succeed. On the other hand, parents will rather let someone train their child than letting him train on his own. If the level of motivation remains clear, the park will have bigger chances of attracting skateboarders.
  • High safety measures – there should be someone who pays attention to this segment. It should be presented to all visitors. It would be good if the doctor or an ambulance is a nearby, in the case someone hurts himself. The skateboarding park should be fenced. It is desirable to have workers who work with skaters. There is a small chance the child will listen without a supervision. One moment of non-attention can create total chaos.
  • Concrete has to be poured correctly – when concrete is bad, there might be tons of problems. First, skateboarders could fall due to unevennesses. Second, the surface might be more difficult for skateboarding and tricks. Third, if there is a track, the concrete has to be perfectly flat.
  • Drinking fountain or water – it should be a part of ever good skateboarding park. Good skaters want to refresh between training sessions. And especially if it is too hot outside. Even a sink and tap could do the thing. The problem with drinking water could be resolved via vending machines or a shop.
  • Cool staff – when the staff is frustrated all the time, it denies customers. The staff members should look happy and friendly. Also, they should always be on service during working hours.


Congratulations, you learned what are the best qualities a skateboarding park should have.

Does the one next to you has it?



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