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Skateboarding food – nutrition is very important part of sport success

You know how people say – food gives you energy. Depending on what you eat, you will be more or less successful. While some of you call this myth, I am confirming that the importance of skateboarding food is immeasurable.

According to the latest scientific facts, there is a MyPlate concept for every single athlete. You may find suitable facts about what and how much you should eat here. There is a recommendation for vegetarians too. Basically, there is general MyPlate, Post Workout Plate, Anytime Plate, and Plant-Based Plate. This looks simple, right?

However, skateboarding food is not related to the simple concept only. There are some groceries each skateboarder needs to take. Nobody cares whether you like it or not. If your goal is to become the champion, try to follow these guidelines as much as possible. Remember, your goal is to become the champion!


Skateboarding food – the list of groceries each successful skateboarder should choose

When it comes to the choice of the skateboarding food, you must determine which are the most important groceries. There are three things you need to follow – energy levels, healthiness, and time needed to digest. Groceries with low glycemic index will enable energy which lasts for hours, while groceries with high glycemic index enter the blood quickly.

Here are 15 most important groceries for the high-quality skateboarder. There are rules for each grocery when you want to maximize its effect. Make sure you follow the guidelines for skateboarding food.



Banana is a mobile grocery. You have the possibility to carry it in your backpack. It is an outstanding source of vitamin K, which affects coagulation and concentration positively. A good skateboarder needs to be focused all the time, or the ride is over.

Other nutrients found in a banana are vitamin B6, manganese, vitamin C, biotin, copper, and potassium.

Banana is known for the low glycemic index. It means you can take it in the competition, and you don’t have to be warned about a time before your ride. Make sure you take small amounts. Banana is a very important skateboarding food. Put two or three bananas in your backpack before you go to the competition.



Almonds are one of the most popular skateboarding food. Top skateboarders always have one hundred grams of almonds in their bag.

It has a lot of healthy fats. It means the player can maintain good levels of energy in the brakes between the rides. Don’t make a critical mistake and take a lot of almonds. If you take twenty grams of almonds per hour, the effect will be better than taking one hundred grams at once.

Almonds have a positive influence on your heart and pulse. It contains so many nutrients – vitamin B2, vitamin E, manganese, biotin, phosphorus, copper, molybdenum, fibers, and manganese. And the most important of all – these skateboarding food is mobile!


Poultry lean meat

Each skateboarder needs some muscles. Eating poultry lean meat is a fantastic way to recover from a hard training session.

There are many ways of preparation – cooking, roasting, frying… And you can carry it with yourself. You can combine poultry lean meat with fruits or vegetables. This is an opportunity to boost your body with an energy bomb rich in vitamins and minerals.

There is only one rule – do not take poultry lean meat less than 120 minutes before your ride. You might be too sleepy



Fish is a very important part of skateboarding food. Salmon presents a great source of healthy calories, proteins, and healthy fats.

Salmon has special benefits for every successful skateboarder. This fish is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Omega 3 has a positive influence on eyesight, heart, and skin. When it comes to the competition, good eyesight and reaction time is all you need. Salmon helps with these two qualities. Make sure you eat at least one salmon per week. Otherwise, you might end up on your back with a bone fracture.



Every successful skateboarder needs a valuable source of protein. Only one chicken egg contains 6 grams of pure protein! This skateboarding food has the ability to recover you after a very long match. When you eat it in the morning, it enables a valuable source of energy for difficult competition.

One egg contains an amazing amount of vitamins and minerals. The following minerals are present in one egg – selenium, phosphorus, folic acid, choline, biotin, iodine, and iron. It contains vitamins too – E, D, A, B2, B5, B12.

The most important health benefits of an egg are related to eye health and heart. These are two most important things for a successful skateboarder!



Green leafy vegetables are probably the healthiest food in the world.

Kale is rich in vitamins K, A, C, B1, B2, B3, B6, and E. There are also other various micronutrients –  fibers, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, calcium, potassium, copper, manganese…

Kale has an anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer effect. Anti-inflammatory effect is especially important when competitions are often. Kale is better and cheaper than the medicine, right?

This type of skateboarding foods can make your heart strong!



I guess you are surprised with garlic. But don’t be tricked!

You need to be healthy in the first place if you want a long career of Bob Burnquist. Garlic prevents heart problems, purifies your blood, prevents bacterial infections, and defends you against cold and flu. A healthy skateboarder can compete and collect points in the tournaments more often.

Garlic is very cheap, but healthy in various micronutrients. It contains iron, calcium, copper, potassium, manganese, fibers, selenium, vitamin C, vitamin B1, and vitamin B6.


Dairy milk

Strong bones are the need of every skateboarder. This type of skateboarding food must be taken regularly. Nobody needs bone injuries in the world of skateboarding! Dairy milk contains calcium which has health effects on teeth and bones.

Do you even know how big the force of the impact is when you perform vert skateboarding? Think about your bones on time!



This skateboarding food is an outstanding source of starch. Complex carbohydrates are important when you need to maintain high levels of energy for a long period of time. Potato doesn’t mean chips, French fries, and McDonald’s. These potatoes contain too much salt. Food that contains too much sodium might not be the best choice for the successful athlete.

Cooked potato is rich in vitamin C, vitamin B6, magnesium, copper, dietary fibers, potassium, and phosphorus.


Dark chocolate

It is a good choice since skateboarding food needs to be mobile. However, you mustn’t go too far with dark chocolate. There are some tips and tricks you need to follow.

Don’t take more than 5-10 grams of dark chocolate, a maximum of 15 minutes before the competition. Otherwise, you will boost your body with simple carbohydrates, and the effect might be negative. You mustn’t overeat too. Simple sugars will increase glycemic index very quickly.

Dark chocolate is rich in fibers, iron, and magnesium.


Fruit yogurt

This is an ultimate skateboarding food. Not only you can carry it in the bottle, but you can take it simultaneously whenever you want in the competition.

There is one important thing – a combination of fruit. The most often combinations are raspberry, apricot, kiwi, and strawberry. Each fruit has its own health benefits. It is an amazing way to enjoy all micronutrients in one place!

You can make your own smoothie by combining 300 milliliters of a regular yogurt with a half of fruit. Fruit yogurt has many benefits – it is mobile grocery, there is a possibility of taking small amounts between the rides…



Broccoli is the world-class energy bomb. It is one of the healthiest plants ever. Basically, it has almost all micronutrients. This is very important skateboarding food.

Broccoli has anti-inflammatory effects, digestive benefits, and cardiovascular benefits. It contains omega-3 fatty acids, which have anti-oxidative effects. Every player will be healthy with broccoli!

This skateboarding food keeps you satiated for at least 3-4 hours. It contains various vitamins – A, C, E, K, B1, B2, B3, B6. Minerals that are found in broccoli are selenium, calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium, copper, potassium, choline, manganese, phosphorus, and chromium.


Greek yogurt

It sounds like a regular grocery, but it is a lot more than that.

One hundred grams of Greek yogurt contains 15-20 grams of protein, while 100 grams of regular yogurt contains around 9 grams of protein. Too much Greek yogurt can lead to digestion problems. Don’t take too much of it!


Kidney beans

Kidney beans are a skateboarding food full of proteins. If it is canned, you have a possibility to carry it on the competition. This is one of the best protein sources among plants.

Kidney beans contain various micronutrients – molybdenum, phosphorus, manganese, copper, iron, and magnesium. Kidney beans stabilize the levels of blood sugar and provide a high amount of energy at the same time. This is a mobile grocery, you can carry it everywhere.


Brown rice

Long-grain brown rice is a very popular skateboarding food. There are various micronutrients which are found in brown rice – selenium, manganese, copper, phosphorus, vitamin B3, magnesium.

It provides a high amount of energy. Brown rice effects positively on metabolism, heart, eye vision. It also prevents breathing problems. Good breathing is especially important during hard skateboarding events.

You need ultimate levels of concentration if you want to become the best. Brown rice can make your dream come true!



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