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Skateboarding discipline – choosing your favourite one

The choice of the skateboarding discipline determines the development of your skateboarding career. There are many teenagers all over the world who became successful skateboarders. But when did they choose their skateboarding discipline? How did they determine which is the most suitable for them? Do you need motivation or not? How to succeed?

These guidelines will help you discover which is the most suitable skateboarding discipline for your personality. Among various skateboarding disciplines, it is never easy to choose the most suitable one!


Skateboarding discipline – choosing the most suitable one


Everybody can learn basic skateboarding tricks. A small number of skateboarders reach mastery. Less than 1% of them become successful competitors. But how will you know which discipline should be chosen?

Before you even think about choice, are you an adrenaline junkie? You are? You fulfill the basic criterion! Now let’s describe other criteria!


Vert skateboarders are usually skillful gymnasts. There is no need to be a big adrenaline junkie, but you must have an absolute control of your body during every single moment. Fear might be your worst enemy. Fearless skateboarder can compete in vert skateboarding, but being too fearless leads to a serious injury. Motivation is explained here.

The control of your skateboard is not on the first plan. You don’t need to turn like a pro. You just need to stick the pedal to the metal! When you are in the air, fly as high as possible! Let your body feel the height!

Is your balance good? Is your coordination good? Do you know to control your body in the air? Try to compete in vert skateboarding!


Street skateboarders usually like new challenges. Unlike the vert skateboarder, who performs a repetitive task over and over, a street skateboarder needs to be creative. You need to be very intelligent if you want to be a street skateboarder. You need to adjust to every single situation in the split of a second, without knowing an obstacle or terrain! You need to risk, but you needn’t be an insane risktaker.

You need three things – good motivation, good concentration, and excellent endurance. These tricks require training, but the height of the ramp or the wall is not the same. The possibility to adjust is the best feature you may create with time. Develop your spatial intelligence! You can be a very successful street skateboarder if you fulfill these criteria!


Park skateboarding is the style where the risk is minimal. You will compete in the areas where all circumstances are controlled. There will be no high jumps, breathtaking tricks, or anything extremely dangerous. However, it is better if you are an adrenaline junkie. This skateboarding discipline requires the combination of perfect technique, calm personality, and maximum dedication. Believe it or not, the position of your foot might create the difference between the winner and the loser! There are bowls, pipes… However, you don’t need to fly high or adjust too much. You know the polygon. All you need to do is maximize your efforts and pass the stage without a single mistake!

Are you someone who wants to train for a whole day long? Do you like to hang with your colleagues’ skateboarders? Can you learn ten movements without a single mistake? Park skateboarding is your choice!


Cruising is a good choice for skateboarders who like to enjoy. There are no competitions in cruising, all you need to do is ride your skateboard as long as you can through urban areas. You need no special skills. You are not a competitor? Do you want to enjoy? Cruising is a skateboarding discipline made for regular skateboarders. Try it out!


Downhill skateboarding is the most extreme skateboarding discipline. You ride down the road, risking injury. Sometimes you may even play with your life! Are you ready to put your life on a gamble? You might go faster than the motorcycle down the highway! You need to be an adrenaline junkie, an extremely skillful rider, someone who knows how to turn. And you must be a man who can focus on the road 100%! Intelligence is not crucial here. But few things are – turning skills, reflexes, reaction time, and maneuvring. A split of the second makes the difference between your life, hard injury, and death!


There are other extreme skateboarding disciplines, like big air skateboarding and stunt skateboarding. Big air skateboarding requires similar qualities like vert skateboarding, while stunt skateboarding is a combination of vert and street skateboarding (features required).


It doesn’t matter whether you are a child or a teenager. This thread makes the choice of your skateboarding discipline easier.

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