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Skateboarding clothes – dressing like a skater made easy

Skateboarding clothes are not the primary sign of the skateboarders, but it is definitively the sign of recognition. There are many things your idols like Bob Burnquist or Tony Hawk prefer. But be sure you will be more recognized in the skateboarding community if you dress like one of them.

Let’s assume you are an adrenaline junkie who likes to ride down the street or perform various acrobatics. Maybe you are a fan of vert skateboarding, who knows?

There are some general rules when it comes to skateboarding clothes, and you should try to follow it.  You should do it because it is always better to enjoy while creating a result. Or you can simply enjoy the ride!

Some basic recommendations are explained here.


Skateboarding clothes – the most obvious choices and clothing style

The most often demand is – style or functionality?

There are people who don’t ride, but they simply like skateboarding clothes. They like the style.

You can choose the outfit which will make you look like a skater, despite you have never skated before. But look at the bright side – you might even like skateboarding!

Maybe you simply want to be accepted as a part of the community. In that case, maybe you should try skating a little bit before. At least learn basic tricks, it is what everybody can do. You will need a few days only. Skaters generally don’t like complete beginners, so try to inform about the basic things. At least show the basic knowledge. It is better to look confident at your knowledge.

Choose the skateboarding discipline and style. You will notice there are some differences in skateboarding clothes among various disciplines. If you want to be a casual looking skateboarder then you have the freedom to combine all the styles. However, picking your style will enable easier fitting into the community.

Casual skateboarders follow few rules when it comes to skateboarding clothes – tight or loose pants, flat-soled shoes, and a regular T-shirt or a hoodie jacket. Depending on your potential level of expectations, you should adjust other parts.

You wonder why pants are important? The answer is here!


General style

If you want to go general, the main thing you should focus on is a comfort.

You might expect everything. Rotations, twisting, jumping… skateboarding requires a lot of motion. You should take skateboarding clothes which allows easy movement and flexibility.

Why do you need flat-soled shoes? The answer is simple – you need a good balance and it mustn’t slide too much. A good grip is crucial when it comes to skateboarding tricks. Ripping shoes around toes are one more great masking technique. But if you really ride a skateboard, it will be ripped as the time goes by. UrbanSurfer has a great offer of shoes.

Accessories and brands are not a must to you. Remember, you are a casual guy who wants to ride a skateboard. You can even take faded jeans and an old t-shirt. Your job will be done. Wearing too much-branded clothing will make you a poser. Check Urban Surfer’s collection of clothes.


Punk skater style

Are you a fan of rock’n’roll, punk, heavy metal, thrash metal… then this is the perfect style for you!

Punk skaters are usually short-haired, aggressive, and they defend their style. Their behavior is usually rebellious and they don’t give up their goals easily. Maybe you should try taking headphones and listening to the aggressive music during your ride. Take a belt. You can also get a tattoo sleeve.

Black color and violent images might become your trademark. Be creative with your look. You should buy some chains too. It will definitively make you different. You can also wear tanks to show tattoos.

Were you thinking of dying your hair? Maybe you should color it black. Maybe your hairstyle should be a mohawk, or maybe you should wear a long hair. Try a colored streak to stand out.

Fitted jeans are a better choice. Despite skateboarding might be difficult, this type of skateboarding clothes reflects the punk skater. Choose the elastic ones so you can apply tricks. Remember, you need some flexibility in the jeans.

Shoes are generally similar for all styles. Make sure the sole is flat and the grip is good.


Hip-hop skater style

If you are a fan of hip-hop music, and if you prefer playing Eminem or 2Pac in the background, this is the style you were waiting for.

Hip-hop skaters usually like some brands which are extremely popular. Try to keep a popular sign on your t-shirt, shoes, or snap back. This is their trademark.

Hip-hop skaters are the fans of bright colors – white, yellow, red… any color which is not dark. Skater shoes, tee, or a snapback are bright. Casual tees are a good choice.

When it comes to the pants, there are many various styles available. Someone likes skinny jeans, while others prefer baggy jeans. There is only one question – can you perform breathtaking tricks?

A snapback is a trademark of your look. Wear it facing forwards or backward.

Blinging out is one more trademark of hip-hop skaters. A chained necklace is an excellent choice. RIngs with a bling will also stand you up.


Hash/Rasta skater style

These skateboarders don’t care much about their look. They actually don’t care about anything. They look dirtier and grungier. Their clothes will not always be clean. They could even wear a shirt which hasn’t been changed for a period of time. Hash/rasta skater doesn’t care whether he will be noticed.

Beard and facial hair sound like a great choice. Don’t forget to grow it. Dreadlocks or long hair might also come in handy! If you try too hard, you will not be hash styled. You are not hash if you are too clean.

Try a canvas jeans out. Take a different cap. Or try some short t-shirt out. Anything that is different will make you a hash skater.


And remember, the choice of skateboarding clothes definitively determines what kind of a skateboarder you are!




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