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Skateboarding basics – performing basic five things

If you want to be a successful skateboarder, the first thing you need to learn is skateboarding basics. There are basically five things in skateboarding, which are thought to be the elementary ones. Every skateboarder needs to learn basic five before even thinking of competitions and more complicated tricks.

As an important part of skateboarding basics, here comes basic five – stances, pushing, turning, stopping and kick turns.


Skateboarding basics – learning basic things


When you purchase your skateboard, the first thing you have to know is the stance. There is no chance you will be able to go further in your tips and tricks if your stance is critical. You will lose balance and you will very often if you don’t know the proper stance. There are basically two stances in skateboarding – goofy and regular.

If you are a goofy skater, that means your right foot is the leading foot in the skateboard. Your right foot will be in front, while your left foot stays behind. Regular stance means your left foot is the leading foot.

To discover which stance mostly fits you, try standing on the board and balance maintenance. Your balance will surely be better with one foot in front. It needn’t mean you have to put right leg forward if you are right-handed. It all depends on your abilities. Here is an excellent description of foot positioning and how should the proper stance look like.

Here is a video related to the skateboarding stance.


The most basic movement of every skateboarder. This is used to increase or decrease your speed and enable better control.

A tutorial here describes pushing action perfectly. Even videos are available.


This is a fundamental skill for every skateboarder. As a part of skateboarding basics, turning is the most important part of competitions or street riding. If you don’t turn properly, you will risk falling off the skateboard every time you need to change the direction.

It is very easy, but this is a problem for many beginners. All you need to do is lean or transfer your weight on your toe-side edge or on your heel-side edge. Your wheels will follow the direction of your lean. If you lean to the right, your skateboard will turn right.

This part of skateboarding basics depends on your skateboard heavily. If your wheels are tighter, you will have to apply more pressure when attempting a turn. However, do not lean too much to the side or you will fall. And if you perform the movement suddenly, there is a big opportunity you will lose balance and fall.

Here is a video which explains how to perform the turns.


The fourth part of skateboarding basics is stopping. If you ride a bicycle, you need to know how and when to hit the brake. Same applies when you drive the car. No matter what you do, braking has multiple benefits. If you brake too late when riding a skateboard, you may hit the wall or obstacles and you will risk a very serious injury. So, read this tutorial carefully and try it in real life. Remember, first learn to stop, then learn to push it fast.

The easiest way to stop is to use your rear foot. This is also the most basic technique every beginner can perform. Just remove your rear leg off the board and place it on the surface. Push your heel towards the ground and maintain the contact with the surface. The friction which is created will slow you down – these are skateboarding basics for someone who has never seen a skateboard – the movement is that easy. Even a 60-year-old can perform it!

There is an alternate way – press the tail of your skateboard down with your rear foot and use the friction to stop. Although this looks difficult, it requires no more than one week of training. If you want to break at high speed, you need to be at least an advanced skater.

The most difficult way to stop is power sliding – sliding horizontally on the wheels. You can perform it only if you move very fast. You need to position your skateboard horizontally and slide down the surface to stop. This type of braking requires a lot of skill and this is everything but skateboard basics.

Here is the video.

Kick turns

This is the basic way of turning which can be performed on a bank or transition.

This can be counted as skateboarding basics. You need to perform a turn by lifting your front wheels up. To be able to do that, press the tail of your skateboard with your rear foot. Once front wheels are in the air, pivot on your back wheels and move them to a front side or a backside direction. Make sure your shoulders perform the turn first. If your shoulders do not turn with your feet and hips, you will lose balance and fall off your skateboard. Once you performed the turn, make sure to put your front wheels down on the surface and to keep your weight central. Make sure you lower the center of your gravity as you place your front wheels down to increase balance.


Congratulations, now you know skateboarding basics. Make sure you try it in real life.

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