Skateboard tricks – ten easy tricks every beginner can do

Let’s assume you obtained one of our skateboards and you want to go to the skate park. But how will you start improving your skills? These ten amazing skateboard tricks are something every beginner can learn in a very short period of time.

Here is the link to the tricks. Are you ready to enjoy and have fun? Enjoy reading this post and learning new skateboard tricks!

Remember to keep your dominant leg backward if you are a beginner. As you advance, it will be easy to switch legs and perform more complicated tricks.


Ten easy skateboard tricks every beginner can do


Chinese nollie

All you need to do is squat down. As soon as you bend your knees, step on the nose of your skateboard pressing it with your front foot and jump lifting the tail of your skateboard in the air. A bump can be useful to check your skills when you master this trick. This is one of the easiest skateboard tricks.


All you need to do is throw your skateboard on the deck and let it flip over. As the skateboard rotates and falls on the wheels, all you need to do is jump on it. In competitions, this can be a more attractive way to start and earn more points.

It looks difficult, but you can learn it fast. Make sure your skateboard is on the wheels when you try to jump on it, or you will fall.

Nollie shove it

Make sure your foot is not too far on the nose. First, you should exercise the rotation of your skateboard without movement. This is also one of the easiest skateboard tricks – shove it.

After you mastered the movement, it is time to do this while your skateboard moves. Make sure you squat down and press the nose. As your skateboard rotates in the air, try not to oscillate too much and maintain the path. As soon as your board rotated 180 degrees clockwise, jump on it and don’t lose your balance. Actually, you barely have to step your foot on the nose – one of skateboard tricks which may give you headaches.


For me, this is the easiest of all skateboard tricks. There is no need to jump or separate both legs of your skate – this is a great way to pass gaps and earn more points.

All you need to do is to step your front foot of the skateboard and place it on the ground, at the same time grabbing it with your opposite arm. Jump off your foot and release the hand of your skateboard returning the legs to the starting position. Land on the ground and continue.

There is no danger of falling during this trick.

Fakie fs (front side) 180

This trick can be done frontside or backside, but if you are a beginner, better learn front side first.

Again, squat down and lift the tail of your skateboard in the air, while the nose touches the ground. There is no need to lift the wheels in the air, which makes it one of very easy skateboard tricks. You need to switch legs, your front leg becomes the rear one. This might be confusing for beginners, but try it out. Just pop, twist your body and land back on the board – it is super easy.

This might be confusing for beginners, but try it out. After a tenth repetition, everything will look so easy.

Hippie jump

I will ask you only one thing – do you know how to jump? You do? Do you know how to ride a skateboard? Of course! Congratulations, you learned the hippie jump!

Among all skateboard tricks, this one is one of the rare which doesn’t ask for special training. All you need is an obstacle with space under it big enough not to stop the movement of your skateboard. Try this out on a flat surface.

Squat down, jump and continue the movement. Simple as that! Don’t accidentally press the tail or the nose when you jump and don’t land on the tail or nose after you jump and there will be no problems.

Rail stand

If you want to learn advanced skateboard tricks after few months, this trick is a must. Many more advanced skateboard tricks contain the elements of it.

You need to set your feet up, so your front foot pushes down and to the side of the board in order to flip it over. Make sure to apply sufficient pressure on the board to flip it over. At first, you can simply train to flip the board on the side.

Let’s assume you learned to flip it to the side. Now the harder part – your rear foot… it needs to step on the wheel on the top of your skateboard in the moment it flips to the side. Then place your front foot on the wheels and you performed the rail stand. In the beginning, you can hold on to something,

To return the skateboard to the previous position, squat down and push it forward with your feet. This is one of harder skateboard tricks if you are a beginner, but it is very fun.

Casper flop

This trick might be difficult if you are a beginner. After all, if you know to perform the rail stand, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Apply the same type of pressure on your skateboard rotating it on the deck and placing your rear leg on the ground, while the other leg steps on the nose. Press the nose and at the same time push your board with your back foot and flip it over. As the rotation starts, jump and land on your skateboard.

All you need to do is to try few times without moving. This is one of very impressive skateboard tricks.

180 no comply

This might sound scary for beginners, but it is very easy. You have to take the foot of the board.

Press the tail of your board and at the same time remove your front foot of the board. Your skateboard needs to rotate 180 degrees in the air, and your rear foot becomes the front one. Make sure the tail of your skateboard touches the ground and then take the rear foot off it. While it rotates, jump on it and switch your legs.

Nose pickup

This is the easiest one of all skateboard tricks. If you mastered the regular pickup or an attractive kick pickup, this will be a pure pleasure.

All you need to do is to place your front foot on the nose of the skateboard while placing your rear foot next to the board on the ground. Simply press your board with your front foot and catch it with your hand. Continue to walk like nothing happened.

Congratulations, now you know basic skateboard tricks! Take a look at one of our skateboards and enjoy the ride.





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