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Skateboard records – the most impressive achievements

Many skateboarders try hard to earn their name in history. There are many impressive skateboard records that simply deserve to be remembered. It is not only about ollies and jumps. It is about impressive achievements that will always be remembered.


The most impressive skateboard records

Here it comes – the most impressive skateboard records. Enjoy the videos and look at those people doing impressive things with their skateboards!

Here comes the most impressive 14!


1. Tallest skateboard stack rode

Here is the video of the record.

Placing skateboards one on each other looks difficult, right? Have you ever wondered how difficult this type of a ride can be?

The SkaterG arranged five skateboards in a stack. He rode them all at once! How impressive score!


2. Most push-ups while balancing on the top of two skateboards

The owner of this record is Ryan Stark, with an impressive score of 71 consecutive pushups! He should become a CrossFit competitor, right? This is a difficult task even for a CrossFit champion!


3. Most skateboard parks skated in one day

The teammates Chris Haslam, Ryan Decenzo and Mark Appleyard skated 31 parks in one day. The record was set in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. They took 18 hours to complete the challenge.


4. Most ollies in one minute

Here is the video.

The record holder is SkaterG, with an impressive score of 75. This guy really earns a lot of respect by setting these results!


5. Longest “baby freeze” on a skateboard

This is one of the most difficult skateboard records. Thomas Murden is the owner, with the score of 1:08.26.


6. Furthest distance rode on a RipStick while juggling

Or Pergamenshik is the owner of this impressive record. The distance covered is 270 meters. It is a very difficult task – wait ago!


7. Most head spins while skateboarding

You need to be a gymnast to perform this. Actually, many skateboarders trained gymnastics, so this is nothing new.

B-Girl Spinderella is the owner, with 30 head spins. If you take a look at her long ponytail… This result looks so unreal! She definitively is a superwoman.

Take a look at this impressive video!


8. Most consecutive shuvits

Can you believe that Gavin Harner completed 72 consecutive pop shuvits on his skateboard?! This definitively is one of the most impressive skateboard records!

Enjoy his world-class video!


9. Most consecutive 360 flips on a skateboard

You can hardly perform one. You need to train for a long period of time. Sidney Arakaki is the owner of the record, with an impressive score of 7. A real superhuman, right? Many people would fall after the first one!


10. Most BMX bike jumps over a skateboard in 30 seconds

Haden Eversman holds the world record. He was able to perform eight bunny hoops.


11. Most consecutive boneless 180s on a longboard

It’s SkaterG again! He performed 30 boneless 180s! This guy definitively earns his place in history!


12. Most skateboards rode at once

How impressive this result is… 8 skateboards! And the owner is Gavin M., from Fairbanks, Alaska.

Enjoy this video, it will leave you breathless for sure!


13. Most strawberries squashed with a skateboard in 10 seconds

This is one of the most strange skateboard records. The score is five.

The owner is JennxPenn. If you think you are better, feel free to challenge her record. Everything is possible with the skateboard!


14. Fastest five-yard primo walk

Kim Mitos is the owner of this impressive record. He completed this course in 8.50 seconds.

Take a look at his video… looks really impressive, right?



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