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Talented skateboarder – recognition is easier than it seems

There are many kids which dream about becoming pro skateboarders. But have you ever wondered how will you pick up a talented skateboarder? What makes the difference between the average and the talented one?

This guide will put you through the process of selection.


Talented skateboarder – the set of most important



There are some features a talented skateboarder has to possess. No matter how good the skateboarder is, the presence of specific stuff means he has better chances of reaching the pro level.

Take a look at this girl. It is an example of the world-class talent, but talent cannot win alone. There are some non-visible features a skateboarder must have.

Here is the list of the most important features of a talented skateboarder.



Like in every sport, an athlete has to be dedicated. You cannot expect a world-class result from someone who goes to sleep at 3 AM and disrespects basic rules. If someone trains two times per day and puts everything he has into his success, he will always have better chances than the champion who goes out every day.

The way of thinking is also a part of the dedication. If the skateboarder thinks about the competition or possible mistakes during the rest periods, his brain is focused on success. In other words – on skateboarding! If someone barely waits to finish the training session and hangs out in the bar or play his favorite video game, there is a chance he is pulling the handbrake. An intervention is urgently required in this situation.

A talented skateboarder is the one who thinks about the results, achievements, elements or anything related to the sports for the biggest amount of time per day.


Good balance

There are many balance tests you can apply on your skateboarder. Good skateboarder needs to have an outstanding feel for balance. He must be able to adjust in the most difficult situation. Especially if he is a vert skateboarder.

Whenever you change the direction, there is a risk of falling. A good talented skateboarder will rarely fall off the skateboard. He must have a perfect balance when one leg is in the air or when he spins in the air. The feel for space has to be above average too.


Goals and ambitions

Unfortunately, many skateboarders will say they want to have fun. But a professional talented skateboarder thinks differently! He has a goal to be the best in the world and to live from his skateboarding skills.

You can make a questionnaire and ask questions related to the ambition of your skateboarder. If his goal is to have fun in the free time, there are fewer chances of success. Actually, he needs to wish to be the best. A talented skateboarder will never be happy with an average achievement.


Strength and conditioning

A talented skateboarder mustn’t say he needs no strength and conditioning. It is not only about physical exercises. You can also assume mental training sessions. If the body is stronger, there is a big probability it will have a positive influence on your performances. There are some very interesting threads about strength and conditioning exercises for skateboarding:


Time spent in training

As strange as it seems, this factor will segregate the talented skateboarder from an average one. If someone trains for 4 or 5 hours per day and constantly pushes himself to learn the most difficult tricks, he is definitively more suitable for an athlete than the one who trains one hour per day.

Someone may think training sessions are difficult. But if your athlete enjoys hard training sessions and constantly tries to improve, it is excellent! He will fight to the end for sure!


Time needed to learn the difficult movements

If you give an ollie to a beginner, this is a basic movement. Someone may learn it in two hours, while someone needs a whole day or even a week.

But if you want to learn rocket air, even some of the best skateboarders in the world will not be able to perform it. A talented skateboarder may learn rocket air after a year or two! This should talk a lot about the real picture of the skateboarder’s performance and potential!


The level of bravery

There is no need to be a daredevil, but he mustn’t be too scary. This is a professional sport with a lot of injuries. But everybody must know that. You cannot become the best in the case you don’t try the most difficult tricks. You have to be brave enough to try.


There are many other things you can look at a talented skateboarder. However, keep in mind these are the basics.

If you recognize these features, there is a big opportunity you found a huge talent and a new champion!








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