Popularity of skateboarding – why it grows so rapidly?

When it comes to skateboarding popularity, many people are wondering why it has grown so much during the last years. Skateboarding slowly, but surely conquers the market. There are many young skateboarders in cities who simply thrive on the thrill and excitement.

This post will describe the main reasons for growth in the popularity of skateboarding.



In the world of the information age, it is very hard to gain popularity unless you are a computer geek. If you have a lot of friends, that is another way. But if you have none of these, you will have a very hard time.

You will not be accepted in the society. Skateboarding provides you with an option which can let you express yourself. It doesn’t matter whether you are the smallest or the ugliest in the class.  If you are a great skateboarder, more people will want to spend time with you. You will not be that much lonely.

As rough as it looks, people have always wanted the popular ones. If you are near to them, they will feel better. They will recognize you as a successful athlete and a leader.


Rage and adrenaline rush

Many teenagers are angry today. They don’t have ways to release their energy. The consequences are constant fights, problematic behavior or watching violent content over the internet. Skateboarding provides you with a great way to release your rage and to fulfill the need for adrenaline. Especially if you perform difficult tricks.

As the number of adrenaline junkies rises, the popularity of skateboarding rises too!

What do you think? Is it better to ride a skateboard and perform breathtaking tricks or doing arm robberies? Skateboarding, of course! There are no legal consequences! And you will gain your popularity and fly 10 meters in the air at the same time. It is a double benefit!


The feel of belonging

The popularity is related to the feel of belonging. If you are different than the children in your class, you will feel lonely. You won’t have mutual topics. What are you going to talk about?

If everything is boring to you, at least you will belong somewhere. You can find friends with same interests. You can find a great way to spend your free time. You will never be so lonely again.

If you visit skateboarding park regularly and ride a skateboard, your popularity will grow in two ways – you will find friends who like the same thing and your friends from school will recognize you as a successful teenager.

Maybe you don’t like video games. Maybe you don’t like to go out. But you love skateboarding – here is your chance to gain popularity!


Danger knows to motivate some people

Are you a man who cannot live without danger? Do you like to be a part of dangerous situations every day?

Do you like to live on the edge? Does the fear of the injury excite you?

You can pull off an amazing trick, but a risk is always present. You will have to try hard if you want to perform a somersault for example. But the popularity that comes from doing an attractive trick in front of the crowd is unmeasurable.

There is the reason why non-skaters love watching stunning tricks in front of their eyes. They cannot perform it, and they feel skateboarders are superior compared to them!

Here is the compilation of breathtaking tricks. But before you start hurting yourself, learn how to fall. If you want to maintain your popularity, you need to train very often. This will not be possible if you are injured!



Do you even know how many skateboarding tricks exists? Nobody knows that!

You can create your own trick if you are successful enough!

You can combine tricks and create your own polygon. You can post the content on youtube. You will be remembered for the rest of your life. Imagine how good can it be. There will be a trick or polygon with your name on it. You can become a part of skateboarding history!

Your popularity will grow on the global level!


Amazing event and excellent mood

You are going to feel a lot better. You will be thrilled with your achievements.

Many people have crisis sometimes. Don’t stay in the office, go out and ride your skateboard.

There is a chance of chatting with friends, performing amazing tricks, gaining popularity, and improving your skills.

You can create the competition with your friends and win. There is a chance of improving your sense of belonging.


There are thousands of ways how skateboarding can affect your popularity.

While the popularity of skateboarders grows, the popularity of skateboarding as a sport will grow too.

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