Motivation is the key in the development of the successful skateboarder

Motivation is a very important link in skateboarder creation. There is a problem when you want to motivate someone to become successful. There are many obstacles a successful skateboarder has to face before he gets to the top. Someone might afraid, while the other ones are too brave. It highly depends on the psychology of your skateboarder.


Motivation – facing the psychological profile

The key to the successful motivation is persistence. The approach can be the most successful in the world, but if you don’t want to try until the end, there is no chance of succeeding.

Daredevil: Well, most of the skateboarders are impossibly brave. There is no need to explain to them why they need to try hard. They are simply adrenaline junkies. They live for a thrill, for the excitement. Your work with them must be focused on knowing their limits.

The biggest problem with adrenaline junkie is not about the obstacle. It is about their unrealistic goals and expectations – they will try everything. They don’t care about danger, they live for it! When you approach adrenaline junkie, an education needs to be slow. Start with explaining consequences. For example, say they can break the leg and they will not be able to participate in the competition. Their fear will not come from the injury or life loss. Their worst fear is usually an inability to compete and achieve results. Repeat this sufficient amount of times and there is a chance an adrenaline junkie will accept your advice.

There is also one more way of explaining too. Let something terrible happen… but it might be the end of their career or even life! The first way is definitively safer.

Take a look at this documentary – fear is an addiction.


Unskillful skateboarder: Everything comes to one sentence here – train hard and it will pay off in the end. Why don’t you start fulfilling a diary? Talk to them – how many hours have they spent training? Analyze the diary every week. It is believed that practice makes perfect.

In the beginning of the week, open the diary from last week. Talk about, for example, vert skateboarding training session. You can say that he trained it for eight hours last week. Other kids train two-three hours of vert per week. How is it possible that he thinks he knows nothing? The art of persuasion!


Rising star: Motivation is almost impossible in some situations. Rising star is the period of the career when your skateboarder will stop existing or become the best. There are many other factors that can spoil your goals – popularity, sponsors, magazines, nightlife, drinking… When someone becomes popular, a motivation for sports usually drops. It is the part of life where they have never been before.

Not only that you need to talk, but you need to understand them. This is the most difficult part. Nobody wants to see you as a guy who limits their achievements. Nobody needs a daddy or high authority. Rising stars live in the world with a lot of friends. You will have chances of success if, and only if, they see you as a friend. You must be someone who listens to them and obeys their needs. Good balance is the key to rising star. When they meet an annoying person who pushes their politics and leaves no space for them, they will see him as a threat. You don’t want to be the threat!

Start a friendly conversation about their achievements and goals. Their biggest vulnerability is the result. You will have to convince them that they need to focus on the result, but you mustn’t be strict. Aggressive behavior will make you “an authority”, and they will shut down. You will lose the battle before it has even started. Let them see and understand the reality – believe me, you will have better chances! Their motivation comes from friendship and healthy talk.


Masochist: Unfortunately, you will have to be rude. They need no attention, they want someone who will torture them. Even when they obtain the best results, you will have to find bad things. You will have to correct, even if everything is perfect.

He mustn’t be good because he will not obtain results. A masochist mustn’t be happy or satisfied. His motivation comes from errors and criticism. If you don’t know to criticize, you will not have success in this area.


A skateboarder who thinks he has reached his maximum: Motivation can be very tricky here. When someone says he has reached the limit, motivation might fall. He hasn’t achieved his goals, years are passing him by, he has other interests… This is maybe the toughest situation you will have to deal with. There are few possible scenarios.

If he has financial problems, you may offer him something only in the case he is a world-class skateboarder. No support or money? He will have to pull back and try some other job.

Is he facing family problems, anger or some other issues? You can talk to him, but maybe he should seek professional help?

The key to his motivation is to find something that will wake him up. It is a very tricky task. Unless you are very close to this person, there are no chances you will succeed. It is a topic that requires a lot of analysis.





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