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Mark Gonzalez – one of the biggest legends in skateboarding

Mark Gonzalez is probably the man who will remain the most influential one in the world of skateboarding forever. He was extremely known during the 80s and 90s, but in the later years, he made so many promotions. He is simply a type of a skateboarder you will never forget.

Mark Gonzalez is known for his famous nickname “Gonz” or “The Gonz”. He is born in the USA, but he is of Mexican descent.

Here is one of his famous videos – a pure legend! The Transworld Skateboarding magazine pronounced him for the most influential skateboarder of all time in 2011. He was born in 1968.


Professional skateboarding

Gonz became the professional skateboarder very early on. He is a part of the top ten most legendary skateboarders of all time. He entered the scene at the age of 13.

He was looking at Tommy Guerrero and Natas Kaupas. They were developing a progressive street skateboarding style. Mark Gonzalez was a master – he developed his own street skateboarding style. He had a more modern and innovative approach. It became later known in the history as “subsequently dubbed street skateboarding”.

He got his first magazine cover in 1984, while he was performing the trick “bean plant”. The magazine name was Thrasher.

After his first magazine cover, Mark Gonzalez joined “Vision” skateboarding team and started the career of a professional rider. He was the winner of Oceanside contest in 1985. He is one of the first skateboarders to win so important tournament underage.

His influence reached extremely far. As a father of street skateboarding, he filmed “Video Days” in 1991. He left the company Blind Skateboarders after the series of frustrations and started competing for the company named “ATM Click”. He made a controversy when he appropriated Vision design for one of the signature model boards for ATM Click Design.

Mark Gonzalez appeared in the promo video of the video game “EA skate”. He also filmed a commercial which helped the game get some popularity.

Mark Gonzalez was sponsored by Adidas, Krooked, Spitfire, Independent, and Supreme. Many were fighting to gain Gonz’s trust.



This is the part where Mark Gonzalez is probably the most known in the world of skateboarding.

In 1986, he performed an impossible ollie from one wall down to another platform. It remained known as “The Gonz Gap”. Even today, this is one of the very difficult tricks and a small number of skateboarders has the bravery to attempt it.

Mark Gonzalez and Natas Kaupas were the first skateboarders to skate handrails in 1986.

He is also the first person to ollie Wallenberg Set.

When Mike Vallely was asked for the interview in 2007, he stated clearly that Mark Gonzalez was the best street skateboarder during 1980s, alongside Jeesee Martinez and Natas Kaupas.

Mark Gonzalez received Legend award in 2006, alongside Tony Hawk and Rodney Mullen. The reward is issued by Transworld Skateboarding.


Gonz moved to New York in 2013, with his wife and daughter. He had the bravery to attempt even the most dangerous tricks. His bravery and dedication are outstanding.


Filmography and videography

Mark Gonzalez appeared in four movies: Gummo, How They Get There, Beautiful Losers and Southlander.

When it comes to the world of videography, Gonz had so many appearances:

  • Sure Grip Beach Style in 1985 (he was only 17 years old);
  • NSA ’86 Vol 4 and Mondo Vision in 1986;
  • Thrasher: Savanna Slama and Psycho Skate (definitively an interesting video) in 1987;
  • Ohio Skateout in 1988;
  • All Pro Mini Ramp Jam Hawaiian Style in 1989;
  • Blind: Video Days in 1991;
  • Thrasher: The Truth Hurts in 1993;
  • Supreme: A Love Supreme in 1995;
  • Deluxe: Jim’s Ramp Jam in 1996;
  • Real: Non-Fiction in 1997;
  • Deluxe: World Wide Distribution and Real: Kicked Out of Everywhere in 1999;
  • Real: Real to Reel in 2001;
  • 411 VM: Vancouver in 2002;
  • Streets: San Francisco in 2003;
  • Thrasher: Rocket Science and ON Video: Winter in 2004;
  • Fourstar: Super Champion Funzone and Catalog Shoot in 2005;
  • Get Familiar, McBeth – Mark Gonzalez – The Journal and Krooked: Chronicles in 2006;
  • Krooked: Gnar Gnar in 2007;
  • Adidas: A Five Days Excursion to Paris and Krooked: Naughty in 2008;
  • Adidas Skateboarding: Diagonal and Fourstar: Gang of Fourstar in 2009;
  • Krooked: Krook 3D in 2010;
  • PowerEdge: We Are Skateboarders and Transworld: The Cinematographer Project in 2012;
  • Supreme: Cherry in 2014;
  • Adidas Skateboarding: Away Days in 2016.


There is no doubt Mark Gonzalez is one of the biggest legends of skateboarding in history. His tricks and his influence will live forever!


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