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Lower back muscles in skateboarding – importance and exercises

Lower back muscles are an important part of strength and conditioning in any sport. Despite many of you will think there is no lower back in skateboarding, you are wrong. Some muscles need to stabilize your body while performing breathtaking tricks and riding throughout polygons.

Lower back muscles are the stabilizers of a human body during heavy skateboarding sessions. If their strength is good, you will have bigger chances of maintaining balance and obtaining successful tricks.

There are deep back muscles and superficial muscles.

Deep lower back muscles are multifidus, longissimus, splenius capitis, splenius cervicis, spinalis, iliocostalis and erector spinae.

Superficial muscle is musculus trapezius.

Core strengthening exercises are very vital when it comes to these muscles. Deep back muscles are responsible for maintenance of good posture, a health of your spine and body stabilization during unnatural positions. In skateboarding, you have tons of weird positions.


Lower back muscles – the most significant exercises

Targeting these muscles is difficult, but possible. Here are the most important exercises.


Reverse hyperextensions on stability ball

Here is the video of the exercise.

Any type of reverse hyperextension will strengthen lower back muscles. If you have reverse hyper extension machine, make sure to train this regularly. If you don’t have it, you can simulate this movement. Be creative, place the mats under yourself.

Here is one more exercise which is very similar.

You can also perform the exercise off the mat.


Back hyper extension

Here is the video.

All you need to do is go down and lift up until your body reaches 180-degree angle with your legs. Don’t go higher or you might hurt your spine. And make sure the movement is not performed in maximum speed – the exercise is excellent, but it can create problems if done wrong.

You can perform this exercise with a medicine ball too.


Hanging bridge with medicine ball

Here is the video of the exercise.

The best way of performing the exercise is keeping your hands and legs as straight as possible. Lift the medicine ball off the ground and maintain the position.

This exercise strengthens the whole rear side of the body, but it focuses on lower back muscles.


Blotting Pad

Here is the video of the exercise.

An exercise is excellent for the muscles of your lower back. You need to perform the exercise slowly.

When you lift your legs up, your arms should go down. When your arms go up, your legs will go down. Don’t rush while performing the exercise – it is static and dynamic exercise at the same time!


Flying Superman

Here is the video of the exercise.

Keep your arms wide. Lift your upper body and legs off the ground and maintain the position. Make sure you look straight ahead of yourself.

Try to maintain your body as steady as possible. If you maintain one position, you will develop your lower back muscles better.


Cobra holdout

Here is the video of the exercise.

Place your arms slightly above the level of your glutes. As you go up, make sure you hold the position as long as you can. This will activate your lower back muscles and improve stability. If you maintain the position properly, you can also activate your transversal muscles.



Here is the video of the exercise.

Keep your arms flexed in the level of your head. Keeping your legs fully extended, lift them up off the ground. Do not move your body sideways.



Here is the video.

All you need to do is lift your upper body off the ground while keeping your hands on your lower back. The exercise is very easy. This is a great way to strengthen your lower back muscles.


Don’t underestimate the importance of your lower back muscles. Many of us want to ride for fun. But what if you want to become a champion? This task is never easy!

Train regularly, give the maximum of your possibilities and your hard work will pay off in the end! Remember – you are the creator of your destiny!






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