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Kids skateboarders who became the world class competitors

There are so many successful kids skateboarders in the world. But have someone wondered why they are becoming so popular while so young? The answer is simple – if you buy your child a skateboard, it will learn. It will watch the best competitors.

While spending time in skate parks, they will befriend with other kids skateboarders. They will create idols. And in the end, the success is a guarantee!

Here is an amazing video of successful skateboarding tricks performed by kids!


The most successful kids skateboarders in the world


5. Alex Midler (USA) is a 15-year old skateboarder who competes professionally for few years. He has done some real events and he had few appearances on Berrics. He usually hangs out with the Californian crew – T-Rod, Mikey Taylor, and many others. He is climbing to the top slowly, but securely. Here are some of his highlights reel.


4. Steven Fernandez (USA) is a youtube star and one of the first skateboarders that gained attention throughout the media. In the world of kids skateboarders, he is one of the youngest to be on the cover of many skateboarding magazines. He is only 14 years old. He is very serious when it comes to skating and he can perform so many breathtaking tricks.


3. Tyshawn Jones (USA) is an excellent skateboarder from Los Angeles, USA. When his friends are joking, they are saying he is “a king of L.A.”. He earned the place in flick featuring legends. He was unknown earlier, but his famous rides brought him next to skateboarding legend Eric Koston. He is a worldwide known talent, alongside Nakel Smith and Sage Elsesser. Enjoy his breathtaking tricks!

He is a worldwide known talent, alongside Nakel Smith and Sage Elsesser. Enjoy his breathtaking tricks!


2. Jagger Eaton (USA) is one of the best young skateboarders in the world and the youngest competitor in X-Games ever. He earned third place in Austin, Texas, in 2016.

He doesn’t afraid of Mega Ramp and he likes to perform the hardest tricks. Despite he is only 13 years old, he doesn’t know the word “no”. He is ready to try even the most dangerous tricks. In the world of kids skateboarders, he is probably the bravest one. Enjoy his highlights reel

1.Chris and Pierce Brunner (USA) are probably the most famous twins skateboarders in the world. Both of them are 16 years old. Their moments of glory arrived in their twelfth year. They have a lot of sponsors and a lot of photos under their belt.

Twins live at the same address, so this is probably the most popular address in the world of kids skateboarders ever! Their highlights are outstanding! And they have one more great ability – they can film, support and help each other – they are always together!


You need to be aware of one thing – you are never young for skateboarding! You can start training at the age of 3 and become a superstar at the age of 12. It is important whether you really like it and how hard can you push yourself. If you train hard, the result has to come.

The pure example is Bob Burnquist – he started training later, but he is still one of the best skateboarders in the world!


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