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First skateboard – things you should never do for the first purchase

Many of us are impressed while buying the first skateboard. But the impression can destroy us sometimes. No matter how cute something looks, you never know what’s inside of it. The visible details are one thing, but the quality is something totally different. Here are some recommendations you should follow while purchasing your first skateboard.

These recommendations can also help you. Let’s start!


Going cheap and colorful

I know, you simply cannot resist. Especially if you are a child and you see a skateboard with a lot of details and your favorite cartoon character. It is very attractive, who could even think of it.

But if you want to pick a good one, you need to be ready to spend at least 70 pounds. Urban Surfer has a great offer. Why cheap skateboards can be problematic?

Cool graphics is a great thing, but take a look at the wheels. If you want to buy your first skateboard for 20 pounds, you can test your luck. But if you want to become a pro, you will quickly realize it doesn’t steer properly and you are having a hard time to maintain your balance.

Even with the basic movements, you will feel something just isn’t right. Everybody can collect 70 pounds, it’s not much money really!


You would like a graphic which shouldn’t be scratched up

You are a skateboarder. Skateboarding requires high-quality tricks, jumps, ollies, pushing… It requires falling too. When it comes to the choice of the graphic, make sure it is not on its upper part.

No matter how soft your shoes are, it is going to be destroyed with time. No matter what kind of protection you have. Make sure your graphic is not on the deck if you want to keep it. Or simply forget about it.

You need to learn basics. Your first skateboard requires some damage.


Trying retro style

Old school skateboards have wonderful details. But there are differences in length, wheels, balance… It is not a good choice for your first skateboard. Maybe you would like to try to learn on the longboard? Well, it might be problematic.

You see, if you want to become a pro, a difference in length may create a lot of problems. When you try to learn the most basic trick, like, for example, ollie, you will have to transfer the weight differently. Stay to the fashion and choose something which will provide you the possibility to create results!


You didn’t grip your board

Welcome damage! I understand you are impressed with your first skateboard, but buying grip tape is a must!

Buy a grip tape. You can ask it in the shop too! If you forget it, you will face two big problems – the damage to your skateboard will be enormous and it will not steer well. It is a therapeutic move. But gripping will enable high performance. After all, no matter if this is your first skateboard. We all want to be champions when we grow up!


You don’t purchase the first skateboard at all

You may borrow your first skateboard from your friend. Ok, this sounds like a good idea, but there will be few problems:

  • you will get used to the other type of skateboard, so when you need a high-performance with a regular one, there might be problems;
  • you cannot adjust the skateboard towards your proportions;
  • you will never know how will it behave when you try something more serious.


Congrats, you read how to purchase your first skateboard. Make sure to remember two things – nothing is as it seems and you need to adjust it towards yourself.

Stop by Urban Surfer, there are many various models which can become your first skateboard easily!



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