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Female skateboarders – the most known competitors

Female skateboarders are not that much known in the world of skateboarding. Female skateboarding is developing rapidly during the last few years. A lot of promotions has been done to attract the most known female skateboarders.

Skateboarding is definitively one of the hottest extreme sports during the last few years. There are more and more skateboarding professionals among women in the last ten years. Classical skateboarding legends have worked a lot to become the champions.

Tony Hawk, Bob Burnquist, and Rodney Mullen were the masters of promotion. They were, and still are very charismatic personalities, who are able to talk about skateboarding for hours. Even today, new kids look them like Gods.

This video shows top 10 female skateboarders in 2016.


The most known female skateboarders through history


There were many successful female competitors in the world of skateboarding. But only a few ones will be remembered forever. There are champions and very influential girls who have a done a lot in the world of female skateboarding.


Lizzie Armanto

Lizzie Armanto is a nickname for the American skateboarder, whose full name is Elizabeth Monika Armanto. She is 24 years old and she comes from Santa Monica, California. Starting in 2007, she was showing amazing potential. Her specialties are bowls and vert skateboarding.

In her rich career, Lizzie already has more than 30 victories in very significant events. She won in the first ever Women’s Skateboarding Park Event, which took place in Barcelona, in 2013. She earned a silver medal in Austin, Texas, in 2016, on Summer X Games.


Cara-Beth Burnside

This girl, known as ‘CB” is the same thing as Tony Hawk in the world of male skateboarding. But she is also good in snowboarding and she is an ultimate athlete. She comes from Orange County, California. Not only that she trains both sports, but she is one of the best in both places. And you know what is the biggest parody? She is 45 and she still likes to ride!

Cara won 16 titles on important skateboarding competitions during her career. She is probably one of the most influential female skateboarders ever. She was the first president of Action Sports Alliance, and she was Vert Skater Of The Year in 2004. She is a vegetarian, but also the first girl ever having signature skate shoe.


Patti McGee

Patti is a true legend in the world of female skateboarders. She was the first national champion in Santa Monica in 1965. The most interesting thing is her first skateboard. Her brother surprised her by making it in a wood shop from her own shoe skate. She set the first speed record in skateboarding – 47 mph, in 1964. Patti was the first professional among female skateboarders ever.

Today, she is 71 years old and she still likes skateboarding. Patti was a member of Johnny Carson Show and she was many times on the cover of various magazines.

It is the first women ever to become a member of Skateboarding Hall of Fame.


Elissa Steamer

Elissa is the first women ever who was able to attain the professional status in the history of female skateboarding.

As a true pioneer of street skateboarding, Elissa was winning various rewards. She was born in Fort Myers, Florida. Today, she is 41 years old. She has four gold medals, one silver, and one bronze in the Summer X Games.

She launched a company Gnarhunters in 2014, which is stated in San Francisco. Steamer appears in the Tony Hawk video game series. She is one of the rare female skateboarders to appear in any skateboarding video game! She currently lives in California with her dog Randy.


Amy Caron

Amy currently lives in Huntington Beach, California. She is a 33-year old American skateboarder. Born in Castro Valley, California, she is also an actor and a stunt performer. Many describe her as an adrenaline junkie.

Beginning skating at the age of 12, Amy has many various prices under her belt. She is the hero of the skate DVD, named AKA: Girl Skater. Amy is also known for a very controversial car crash. She is awarded a new Ford in Australia, as a winner of Gallaz Skate Jam. However, she made to crash the new car in the stadium!


Julz Linn Kindstrand

She is an American skateboarder, age 25. Just take a look at her video, it tells you more than 1000 words! This girl has acrobatic skills! When she enters the bowl, you can only enjoy and reward her with an applause!


Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins

Lyndsey Adams is an American professional skateboarder. She was born and raised in San Diego, but she lives in Cardiff-by-the-Sea, California. Lyndsey is 27 years old.She is a winner of seven rewards in vert skateboarding on Summer X Games, and she also has one silver medal in park skateboarding. She is one of the most skillful female skateboarders of all times.

Lyn started skateboarding and surfing at the age of 6. She is married to Travis Pastrana, one of the most known extreme sports competitor of all times. She is the first of all female skateboarders ever to skate DC Mega Ramp.

She also began snowboarding. She appears as a character in a video game Tony Hawk video game series, shoulder to shoulder with Elissa Steamer.


Pamela Rosa

Pamela is a teenager from Brasil. She is one of the most successful young female skateboarders of all times. Despite she is very young, she already competes professionally for a long period of time and she has many sponsors under her belt.

Pamela’s balance skills are outstanding.


Allysha Lee

Allysha is 21-year-old professional skateboarder from the USA. She is worldwide known for her extreme acrobatic skills.


Alex White

Alex White is a professional female skateboarder from Los Angeles, California. Despite she started skateboarding at the age of 13, Alex has arrived very fast to the circle of most known female skateboarders.


Vanessa Torres

You probably know who is Bob Burnquist in male competition? Vanessa Torres is the same thing among women! She is a very persistent competitor and her career lasts for a very long time. She is 31 years old, but she said few times that skateboarding is the only thing she knows. This girl is not planning to give up, that’s for sure!

Vanessa has four medals in Summer X games – two bronze, one silver, and one gold. Vanessa Torres is the first women ever to win a gold medal in the Summer X Games. It happened in Los Angeles in 2003. She has successful results in park and street skateboarding.


Lacey Baker

Lacey is a 26-year-old American skateboarding professional, whose style is focused on street skateboarding tricks. It is believed that her time is coming. She has already earned five medals on Street X Games in street skateboarding – one gold, two silver, and two bronze. Her results are in the public eye since 2006, but her career is constantly going upwards. She is the only one among female skateboarders to be nominated for the ESPY Award in 2017.

Lacey is probably one of the most attractive “goofy-footed” female skateboarders today. She has already been on the cover of many worldwide known skateboarding magazines.


Lauren Mollica

One more excellent female skateboarder from the USA. Lauren currently lives in New Brunswick, New Jersey, and she is 37 years old. She was riding from time to time until she ended her high school. Originally starting a snowboarder, she discovered her passion for skateboarding at the age of 19.

Lauren can be described as an extremely persistent and hard-working competitor who fights until the last bell. She has a world-class technique. And you will recognize her clothing style with ease!


Leticia Buffoni

Leticia is one of the best Brazilian female skateboarders of all times. With the residence in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Leticia trains every day and competes wherever she has a possibility.

In the year 2013, Leticia was nominated for ESPY Award for the Best Female Action Sports Athlete. She is only 23 years old and time is coming. One thing is certain – this girl has skills!


Alexis Sablone

Alexis is a 31-year-old professional skateboarder from the USA. She is also known for persistence. Alexis believes there is no age limit in the world of skateboarding.


Alana Smith

Alana Smith is a talented female skateboarder from the USA. She is only 17 years old, but she already has many sponsors and world-class results.


Peggy Oki

Peggy is definitively one of the oldest competitors in this sport ever. Even today, with 62 years of age, Peggy still likes to ride for fun. She is also an artist and a surfer.

Peggy skated with the team known as Z-Boys during 1970s. She was a winner of Women’s Freestyle competition in Del Mar Nationals in 1975. Her parents emigrated from Hiroshima to the USA. Peggy has Japanese descent. She is currently an art instructor.

Since the year 2012, this legend is the member of Skateboarding Hall of Fame.


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