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Skateboarding tricks – the most exciting five ever performed

Over the years, many skateboarders were striving to invent something that will make them rich and famous. Here is the list of the most exciting skateboarding tricks that will always be remembered in skateboarding history.

Like Rodney Mullen or Tony Hawk, many other legends of this sport will always be known for their famous inventions. It is very easy to ride a skateboard and enjoy skating, but how difficult it is to be remembered? After reading these world-class tricks, you will understand why some people simply cannot be forgotten.


Here is the video of the first ever performed by Rodney Mullen.

This is definitively one of the most exciting skateboarding tricks. The first thing you need to perform is an ollie. Jumping on the skateboard isn’t difficult that much, and here is the tutorial. The tricky part comes after the jump is performed.

As soon as you are in the air, rotate the skateboard 180 degrees and place the standing part of your skateboard on the rail. You heard well, this is not about a noseslide or tailslide. This is about sliding on the part of your skateboard which primary function is standing – sliding on the upper part of your skateboard!

Once the skateboard is flipped in the air, stand on its nose, while the skateboard stands tip down, and start sliding. Try to maintain the balance as long as you can. Here is a tutorial of how you can learn it.

As you get off the rail, flip your skateboard again and make sure you jump on your wheels. This definitively is one of the most exciting skateboarding tricks but at the same time one of the most dangerous ones. It is very hard to flip the board twice and maintain balance. Sometimes even years of training are required.



This is one of skateboarding tricks that look so difficult but even a beginner with few months of training can perform it. Here is a complete tutorial for this trick.

First of all, you need to know how to ollie, and that is described here. To be able to obtain the better height of your jump, make sure your leading leg is as close as possible to your rear leg.

As you go up, your skateboard starts to rotate. You need to rotate it 360-degrees, and in the middle of the rotation, the upper part of it should be faced towards the ground. If you are a regular, the rotation will be counterclockwise, but if you are a goofy, the rotation of your skateboard is clockwise. Once the 360-degrees rotation is performed, make sure to land on your wheels and lower the center of gravity to provide more balance.

This is definitively one of the most often skateboarding tricks in competitions. It is very suitable for the beginning of the combination and earning more points.


Kickflip backside tailslide

Here is the video tutorial.

This actually is a combination of the ollie, kickflip, and tailslide. But the difference is – a combination of these three gives a difficult but very attractive trick which brings a lot of points if sliding time is longer.

Once you jumped in the air, don’t stop flipping your skateboard at 360 degrees. You need to flip it to the side, so the rear part of your skateboard performs a tailslide. The first part is exactly the same just as the kickflip, but the difference comes after that. Once the skateboard is flipped, make sure to rotate it to the right if you are a goofy, or to the left if you are regular. The tail of your skateboard needs to get on the rail and slide. After you reached the end of the rail or lost the speed, just jump off it and land on your wheels.

This is one of breathtaking skateboarding tricks which will elicit applauses and sighs.



The complete tutorial is present here.

Performing a wallride depends on your speed heavily, so it is always better to move faster. This is one of very tough skateboarding tricks but it can be learned.

The first thing you need to do is jump on the wall, and all of you learned how to ollie. When all four wheels reach the wall, your skateboard will start to go towards the ground because of the gravity. All you need to do is to stay crouched and move towards the wall.

In the moment you are in the air, start leaning forward. This will help you maintain more balance when you skateboard touches the ground. Widespread your arms. This position provides more balance and gives you time to react in the case of fall. You must lean off the wall – keep that in your mind.

Make sure the nose of the board is pointing down at the end of the trick. If it doesn’t, you have excellent chances to fall, unless you are Bob Burnquist. Remember, as you slide down the wall, your nose needs to be flipped towards the ground gradually. If you perform the movement suddenly, you will improve the chances of falling.


Rocket air

This is one of the most dangerous skateboarding tricks. But at the same time, this trick brings the most points, especially due to an excellent hangtime and the breathtaking vertical stand towards the ground. Only the bravest skateboarders can try it.

Here is an example from real life and from the video game (1:28).

To be able to perform it, you will need a ramp and a lot of speed. Once in the air, grab the nose of your skateboard with your both hands and separate your legs of the board. Keeping your hands on the board, fully extend your spine and legs and place your legs on the tail of the board. Try to be straight like a rocket – that is the reason why the trick is called a rocket air. When you start to fall, quickly return to the basic stance and lower your center of gravity.









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