Skateboards and cruiserboards – differences with recommendations

If you are new to skating, you probably wonder what’s the difference between skateboards and cruiserboards and which will be the main criterion during purchasing it. Our website offers a lot of high-quality boards which may satisfy your needs during the trips through the park or if you want to perform tricks.

The first and the main difference is – skateboards are primarily designed for doing tricks and having fun in the skate park. If you want to have fun or perform the tricks like Tony Hawk or Bob Burnquist did, you definitively need high-quality skateboards. On the other hand, if you want to enjoy the ride, obtain a cruiserboard and enjoy the view and bumpy roads.

The second difference is the dimensions – skateboards have smaller wheels and have more ability for controlling movements, while cruiserboards have bigger wheels and trying any tricks might lead to more serious consequences. The wheels for cruiserboards are usually 59mm or bigger.

The third difference is deck shape. When it comes to the regular skateboards, it has a raised nose and a tail, but there are various sizes and you may find the appropriate one for you very easily. It depends whether you like bigger or smaller distance between your feet. On the other hand, cruiserboards are known for many various shapes and sizes. Some have a kicktail, which can help you bypass the obstacle on the road easier. If a kicktail is present, there is a possibility to perform a few basic tricks, like 50-50 or nose slides. Others are longer and designed for the skater to enjoy.

There are many other differences, but those three will help you in the choice of skateboards and cruiserboards. Which one will you choose? Here is our offer of the best ones.


Skateboards – top 2


2. Globe Half Dip Skateboard – White Oak / Black

This skateboard is excellent if you want to perform tricks and enjoy the high-quality during your rides.

If you have £120 in your pocket and looking for something extraordinary with great design, this is the perfect choice for you. It is made of a white oak tree and Canadian maple hardcore. The wheels length is 31”, which makes it suitable for tricks. When it comes to the design, it has a combination of black and natural brown tree colour – it can fit into any surround since black colour is neutral.

If you like mellow concave and if you are a fan of enjoyment while skating, this is the model for you.

1. Enjoi So Vain Skateboard Deck – Hassler 7.875

If you are oriented as someone who prefers doing tricks and enjoys skating in front of an audience, you found the perfect match. Among all of the skateboards, this one has world-class performances to keep the crowd happy. You can perform stunning and breathtaking tricks while at the same time you enjoy the ride.

Its dimensions are 31.4″ x 7.875″ x 14.25″, but it is available in only one colour – grey. This is good because it can match any surround – grey is a neutral colour. If you like pandas, you will definitively like this skateboard.

And of course, if you like to follow your dreams and become like Rodney Mullen, Ryan Sheckler, P-Rod, Chris Cole… The price is only £55 – you won’t find a better one among all skateboards for such a good price.


Cruiserboards – top 2


2.Globe Blazer Cruiserboard – Evil Paradise

This is an excellent cruiserboard for someone who really likes to ride for the enjoyment and fun. No matter how hard the surface is, this cruiserboard will not feel the vibrations so strongly. Take a look here.

And just take a look at how those colours shine – is there anyone who doesn’t like a lovely blue sky combined with the colour of the sea?

It has a tie-dye printed grip tape, evil paradise collab, and dagger mouth gold printed art. Globe is a great brand for when it comes to skateboards.

However, there is no kicktail with this model, which leaves making tricks a lot heavier – all you need to do is relax and enjoy the ride! If you have £95 in your pocket, this is a world-class offer!


1. Globe Blazer Cruiserboard – Walnut

You may get a perfection for only £115 – a world-class design combined with quality. If your primary goal is to enjoy the ride and the look, you came to the right place. More info here.

It has a mellow concave with a kicktail, which will enable you performing some basic tricks. It also offers 4.25″ slant trucks and freshwater pearl design accents. Your cruise will definitively shine bright wherever you go – if you want to attract attention, this is an excellent choice.

There are two more shiny details – a gold print on the matte black dipped deck and an anti-brass metal badge. Globe is known to be one of the best in the world when it comes to skateboards.


Congrats, now you know the differences! Enjoy the ride and have fun or perform the tricks – find your own place in the world of skateboards!


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