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Best skateparks in the world – locations

There are so many wonderful skateboard parks. The best skateparks in the world have excellent tracks, polygons, design. Many skateboarders are attracted by them.

This thread is going to describe the best skateparks in the world. Enjoy!


Best skateparks in the world


Livingston skatepark

Location: Livingston, Scotland

Description: quarter pipes, hips, and bowls

The skatepark in Livingston is excellent for the fans of vert skateboarding. It was built in 1981. It is probably one of the best skateparks in the United Kingdom.


Area 51 skatepark

Location: Eindhoven, Netherlands

Description: pyramids, bowls, handrails, mini-ramps, hips, and ledges

The Area 51 skate park is suitable for all types of skateboarders. It doesn’t matter whether you are the beginner or the advanced one, you can find something suitable.


Skatepark Los Reyes

Location: Santiago, Chile

Description: stairs, hubbas, quarter pipes, ledges, multiple bowls, manual pad, euro gaps

Los Reyes is the largest skate park in Chile. It is very big and it can keep you busy for a very long period of time.


Vans Skatepark

Location: Orange, California

Description: euro gap, vert ramp, flat bars, bowls, ledges, handrails, banks, quarter pipes, mini ramp, pyramid

Vans is an outstanding skatepark. Created in 1999, this is one of the best skateparks in the United States.


Vancouver skate plaza

Location: Vancouver, Canada

Description: banks, hubbas, handrails, flat bars, stairs, manual pads, ledges, pyramid banks

Vancouver skate plaza is a place which draws skateboarders from the nearby towns too. It definitively is a unique event.


Stockwell skatepark

Location: London, England

Description: funbox, hips, bowls, quarter pipes

If you visit London without visiting Stockwell, you will guarantee regret! It is one of the oldest skateparks in England, located in the heart of London.


Hyeres skatepark

Location: Hyeres, France

Description: ledges, handrails, flat bars, pipes, quarter pipes, euro gap, funbox, manual pads, double-set, stairs, pyramids

Hyeres is probably one of the best skateparks in Europe. Its course will not let you relax in any second.


Skatepark of Tampa (S.P.O.T.)

Location: Tampa, Florida

Description: the construction is constantly under change, but there are vert ramps, banks, quarter pipes, ledges, handrails and pyramids

S.P.O.T. is a host to many sports competitions, amateur and professional, since 1993.


Zumiez skatepark

Location: Wevelgem, Belgium

Description: quarter pipes, hubbas, vert ramps, flat bars, euro gaps, banks, pyramids

Zumiez is a great indoor place located west of Brussels. Skating lessons are available every day if you want to become a pro.


Strasnice skatepark

Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Description: flat bars, handrails, stairs, bowls, quarter pipes, banks and ledges

Strasnice is a great skatepark location in the middle Europe. You will enjoy visiting it for sure!


Marseille skatepark

Location: Marseille, France

Description: multiple bowls

Marseille skatepark is an old-school polygon for an enjoyment near the beach. If you are a beginner, you will never let it go.


Louisville extreme park

Location: Louisville, USA

Description: full pipe, hubbas, ledges, bowls, manual pads, quarter pipes, vert ramp, manual pads, handrails and pyramids

Louisville extreme park is a public park for advanced skateboarders. It works 24 hours per day.


Kona skatepark

Location: Jacksonville, Florida

Description: snake run, transitions, humps, vert wall, bowls, vert runs, ledges, pyramids, quarter pipes

It is the oldest private skatepark in the USA. It is one of the best skateparks for the fans of the classical age.


Skatehalle Berlin

Location: Berlin, Germany

Description: wall rides, hubbas, pyramids, manual gaps, vert ramps, bowls, mini bowls, banks, handrail, fire hydrant, ledges, euro gap

Skatehalle Berlin is a great wooden course with all of the obstacles in one place. It has both indoor and outdoor area.


Venice Beach Skate Park

Location: Venice Beach, California

Description: ledges, stairs, hubbas, handrails, bowls, channels, banks, double set, humps, quarter pipes, curvy flat bars

Venice Beach is definitively one of the best skateparks in the USA. It is an awesome street course next to the beach.


Micropolis Skatepark

Location: Helsinki, Finland

Description: volcano, gaps, bumps, banks, ledges

If you visit Scandinavia, there are small chances you will find a better place for riding from Micropolis Skatepark. It is an outdoor facility, one of the best skateparks in northern Europe. On the first look, it doesn’t even look like a skatepark!


Lake Cunningham Regional Skate Park

Location: San Jose, California

Description: ledges, banks, multiple sized bowls, pyramids, hips, handrails, vert wall, hubbas, humps, cradle, flat bars, full pipe

This skatepark is known for the promotion of Bob Burnquist in the early ages. When Bob made a promotion, Lake Cunningham Regional Skate Park became a more known place to the world.

When you look it, you see this is a pure monument of skateboarding. No matter what type of a skateboarder you are, enjoyment is a guarantee!


SMP Skatepark

Location: Shanghai, China

Description: full pipes, stairs, hubbas, handrails, and bowls

China has progressed a lot during the 21st century. And when it comes to skateboarding, in the 20th century they didn’t even know what is skateboarding. Now Shangai has one of the best skateparks in Asia!

Sometimes the place is overcrowded but it is a high-quality skatepark!


FDR Skatepark

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Description: hips, bowls, vert walls, quarter pipes, pyramids, vert walls

This is a place for enthusiastic and advanced skaters. You can train difficult tricks in this outdoor partly covered skatepark. FDR Skatepark is one of the best skateparks in the eastern part of the USA.


Lincoln City Skatepark

Location: Lincoln City, Oregon

Description: Over-vert cradle, transitions, hips, quarter pipes, bowls, wall rides, bumps

If you want to return to the stone age, this is one of the best skateparks serving this purpose. It is an outdoor area, partially covered, and some parts of it remind on caves. Lincoln City Skatepark is designed by Dreamland, which is known to be one of the best skateboarding parks manufacturer in the world.

It is made of concrete. If you fall, you can have a hard time dealing with an injury!


Stapelbaddsparken Skatepark

Location: Malmo, Sweden

Description: quarter pipes, bowls, stairs, cradle, hubbas

Despite it rains very often in Malmo, this doesn’t stop people from skateboarding. This is maybe the best skatepark in Scandinavia. If you want a raining event, especially if you are an advanced skater, you should try it out! There is a Bryggeriet park nearby, which is an indoor facility.


Burnside Skatepark

Location: Portland, Oregon

Description: bowls, wall rides, vert wall, quarter pipes, hips, bumps, curved tranny

Oregon is the US state with the best skateparks in the whole Northern and Southern America. The park is created by pro skaters. You can find it in Tony Hawk game series. It was approved to be the public park after the years of fighting with bureaucrats.

Tony Hawk brought the glory to Burnside Skatepark facility with promotions.


Denver Skatepark

Location: Denver, Colorado

Description: banks, ledges, multiple-sized bowls, hips, pyramids, handrails, bank-to-wall, hubbas, euro gap, gap-to-ledges, flat bars, humps, bumps

This is one of the rare skate parks which is suitable for all competition levels. You also have an extensive street level course and an excellent combination of difficult obstacles. Unfortunately, Denver Skatepark is open only from 5 am to 11 pm.


Stoke Plaza

Location: Stoke-On-Trent, England

Description: banks, steps, ledges, hubbas, handrails, quarter pipes

This complex is a real Stonehenge of skateboarding. This is one of the best skateparks in the world. A lot of money is invested into this facility – over 500,000 pounds. It is also one of the largest skateparks in Europe.

Just take a look at its design and you will realize why Stoke-On-Trent is so attractive place. It is built in 2005.


Black Pearl Skatepark

Location: Grand Cayman Islands, Cayman Islands

Description: moguls, cradle, bowls, hips, stairs, ledges, and handrails

Who would say the Cayman Islands can build so stunning skateboard park? There are a beginner, intermediate and advanced courses. The park is very expensive, but it is the one of the best skateparks in the world and the largest one. There is no obstacle you won’t find here.

Black Pearl Skatepark is the miracle of the modern architecture.


Try one of these wonderful facilities out and you will see why these are the best skateparks in the world. You won’t regret!














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