Leg exercises for high skateboarding performance

The importance of leg exercises in skateboarding is crucial. A skateboarder with strong legs always has an opportunity to maintain balance for a longer period of time, obtain better jump height and obtain better hang time. Good movement is related to good leg exercises. If you train the legs properly and strengthen the proper muscle groups, your skateboarder will have better performance.

Leg exercises for world-class skateboarding performance

Remember one thing – your skateboarder needn’t have too muscular legs, he needs to be strong and improve his power. The most important muscles for skateboarding are quads, adductors, and glutes. Calves are activated when ollies are performed. Lower back is also very important, especially when it comes to the balance maintenance.

Here is the list of the best leg exercises which can be used for the strengthening of your skateboarder.

Sumo squat

This is one of the best and most complete squats. It activates quads, glutes, adductors, and hamstrings. Even the lower back muscles are activated. The squat enables a complete strengthening of your skateboarder, especially because skateboarding stance requires spending a lot of time in semi-squat position. This definitively is one of the best leg exercises for high performances of your skateboarder.

Here is the video of the exercise.

Quarter squat

This exercise is very similar to the skateboarding stance. This is the reason why it should be applied very often in the training of the professional skateboarder.

Here is the video of the exercise.

Stand with the barbell on your back, keeping your arms on the barbell and legs shoulder width apart. Squat down until you assume an athletic quarter squat position. Make sure to squeeze your glutes at the bottom of the movement. Exploding off your hips, start squatting up keeping the barbell on the back. Do not flex your head and keep your spine flat.

Sumo deadlift

Basic deadlift is important, but when it comes to the skateboarder, adductors have to be strengthened. If you want high performances of your skateboarder, this exercise is a must.

Here is the video of the exercise.

Stand with your legs wider than shoulder-width apart, and grip the barbell, which is positioned in front of your legs on the ground, so that the outer forearms are on the inside of your thighs, and shins lightly touch the bar using an overhand grip, keeping your spine flat and relaxing your shoulders. Approach the barbell so it intersects the middle of your feet, which are positioned very wide and bend your body to grip the barbell. Exploding off your feet, drive through the floor with the weight on the back of your feet and inhale as you go up. As the barbell passes your knees, lean back driving your hips into the barbell and pull your scapula bones together, contracting your glutes and lower back. Exhale as you reach the top position. Relaxing your glutes, return the barbell to the ground flexing your knees and bending your hips, controlling the movement.

An exercise your shoulders, traps, lower back, middle back, glutes, hamstrings, adductors, quads, triceps and forearm muscles. This is the most complete exercise for your skateboarder.

Jefferson Squat

Here is the video of the exercise.

Despite an exercise looks really strange, it is an excellent choice for high performance of your skateboarder.

Place a barbell on the floor and stand in the middle of the bar lengthwise. Bent down bending your knees and place your arms on the barbell, keeping your back flat. Grasp the rear of the bar with the non-dominant hand. The palm is in neutral grip and the grip has to be even to the bar. Stand straight up with the weight and exhale. Squat down by bending knees and keeping your back straight and exhale.

An exercise strengthens your quads, glutes, and forearms.

Hip adduction

Here is the video of the exercise.

This is one of the easiest leg exercises for your skateboarder. It strengthens your adductors. But how does it apply to your skateboarder?

All you have to do is sit on the machine and perform repetitions. When the skateboarder performs kick flips, ollies or other attractive tricks, adductors are a very important part of it. Stronger adductors will enable better turning and better realisation of tricks where rotation is involved.

Leg extension

Here is the video of the exercise.

All you need to do is to sit up on the machine and perform repetitions. It is very easy, but what is the correlation of this exercise and skateboarding?

The stance. When all leg exercises for skateboarding are analyzed, this one has the biggest influence on the stance – quads are the key for the successful stance. If your quads are strong enough, your stance will be better and you will maximize your chances of success.

Congrats, you know what are the best leg exercises for the skateboarders. Start applying them and enjoy having great results.

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