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Awesome skateboarding tricks – top five that will impress you

Every fan of skateboarding likes to look awesome skateboarding tricks and enjoy it. No matter real life or watching, if you are an adrenaline junkie, this will be a pure pleasure. The fans of X Games have chosen some of this tricks to be the most popular, despite some of them might be extremely dangerous.

But if you want to win, you have to risk – only champions will be remembered.


Awesome skateboarding tricks – 360 flip, the 900, boardslide, and laser flip


360 flip

Here is a video of this lovely trick.

This is one of many awesome skateboarding tricks. It is similar with a kickflip, but you need to rotate 360-degrees, not 180.

I guess you all know how to ollie. Well, the leading foot stays on the middle of the board, to be able to maintain better control during the flight. The rear foot is on the tail of the board. Lower yourself and jump.

Widespread your legs, pushing your front leg forward and keeping it extended. If you are a goofy, the skateboard rotates counterclockwise in the air.  The skateboard needs to reach the starting position again and the nose has to remain in the same line before you attempted the trick. If the nose moves right or left, you are not performing the trick well.

This trick is good if you have a lot of space between the obstacles and you need to earn extra points.


The 900

This trick celebrated Tony Hawk in the world of skateboarding.

Enjoy the video and see how the best skateboarders in the world perform one of the most awesome skateboarding tricks ever!

To be able to perform it, you need a vertical ramp and you need a high speed. If you go slow, the height of your jump will not be sufficient. If you are too low, the trick is impossible.

The first thing you need to do is start rotating to one side as soon as you fly in the air. When the side is chosen, crouch and start rotating. If you remain flat, you will fall off the board. Make sure your arms are wide to enable more balance. You need to rotate a total of 2,5 times and land on the wheels. You can remain crouched all the time, but you need to extend your legs as soon as you land on the ground. This is significant because it will provide you more speed on the vertical ramp and you will connect harder tricks. It consequently brings more points.



In the family of awesome skateboarding tricks, boardslide is a very important. Unlike noseslide or a tailslide, boardslide can be performed even if the obstacle is not straight. This is a world-class way to earn maximum points if you know to maintain the position. Unlike the noseslide, you will need less balance. All you need is to maintain the middle of your board on the obstacle.

Take a look at the video and enjoy – one of really awesome skateboarding tricks.

At first, you need to ollie – you learned it. Perform a 90-degree rotation to the desired side. When you are in the air, make sure the middle of your board lands on the obstacle. If you lean too much to the side or to the back, you will fall. Feel free to lower the center of gravity and crouch. Don’t go forward and don’t go backward – stay in the middle, flexing your knees. As you get to the end of an obstacle, start 90-degree rotation to the opposite side and land on the wheels.

This is one of awesome skateboarding tricks which can be performed by an advanced beginner. Feel free to try it, it is not as hard as it looks.


Laser Flip

It is one of awesome skateboarding tricks which can be performed even by a beginner if he trains for a month or two every day.

Here is the video of the trick.

It is important to make a flick with your leading leg, so the rotation goes in the opposite direction from the 360 flip. For example, if you are a goofy, the rotation of the board will go clockwise. Put the rear leg on the tail of the board and to the opposite side of your leading leg. This will provide you better chances of success. Your leading leg remains in the middle of the board. When you land, make sure to crouch down and provide more balance.

This trick is good if you need to perform something in the beginning of your ride.


I hope you liked our choice. Leave your suggestions and enjoy riding.

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