Under Armour Boxers

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Welcome to the first ever genuine product review written by a member of the Urban Surfer staff who has been using the item for at least a few months. We know how important reviews are to our customers so by wearing or using various products that we sell, we want to give you a genuine user review.

For our first staff review, I look at Under Armour underwear in particular the original 6″ boxer short. Having never really bought myself underwear before and leaving it to friends and family to buy them for me for Christmas, I’ve never really been keen on anything anyone has bought me so when we got in the UA boxers, I thought I’d give them a try. I’ve never looked back.

Genuinely, I now own a few pairs of Under Armour boxers and they’re my favourite. I insist on wearing them when I’m playing squash or going for a run (yes, I do that sometimes) but as soon as they’ve been washed, they’re the first pair of boxers I look for even just to wear to the office. The longer 6″ leg is better for me as the 3″ pair I have seem to ride up to where I don’t want them to go.

Why are they my favourite? They’re just so comfortable. That’s the main reason. Even without all of the cool stuff they do like sweat-wicking and helping to stop odour, I’m happy to wear these all day, every day because they fit well by keeping you snug without being too tight.

The price isn’t bad either. They retail for around £15 and in my opinion are worth every penny.

I’m normally quite strict with “out of 10” ratings and can’t say I’d ever give out many 10’s but my rating is:


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