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Welcome to another genuine product review written by a member of the Urban Surfer team who has been using the item for at least a few months. We know how important reviews are to our customers so by wearing or using various products that we sell, we want to give you a genuine user review.

For our next staff review, I look at Globe Socks. I have a few packs of the multi-pack socks meaning I have around 15 pairs of Globe socks in total including the low socks, boot socks and crew socks. I got my first pack a couple of years ago and still have a couple of them in my sock draw. Is it wrong to have a pair of socks older than a couple of years? I’m not sure but I’m not going to chuck them out for no reason.

To be honest I’m quite disappointed with the boot socks I got. They came in a pack of three and I don’t really find them that comfortable. The “normal” casual socks though on the other hand are the ones I look for in my sock draw every morning unless I’m putting on a shirt and then I’ll go with some Happy Socks. But for every day casual use, I love both my crew and ankle Globe socks. They hold their shape really well, have elasticated parts so grip you in all of the right places and seem to wash and wash without getting old.

I’ve used Globe socks for everyday use, running, squash and in high temperatures in places like Vegas and I couldn’t fault them.


The price really doesn’t do the socks justice. You can get a pack of 5 for around £15 depending on your style so for just £3 for a pair of socks, I’d say go and fill your draws!

My rating is:


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