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Is it that time already? You’ve only just finished school and are now thinking about getting ready to start a new year. Or you’re a parent and wishing the holidays would just end already. Either way, soon enough you’ll have to start thinking about new school gear. Uniform. Shoes. Bag. Pencil Case. Oh wait, my bag from last year has a hole in it and where on earth is my pencil case? Oh well, best get on to Urban Surfer to get myself geared up.

We have tons of backpacks, duffle bags, gym sacks and pencil cases for you to choose from. Here’s some of our favourites:

Levi's Backpack

Levi’s Backpack £29.99

Converse Backpack

Converse Backpack £29.99

Animal Backpack

Animal Backpack £19.99

New Balance Gym Sack

New Balance Gym Sack £9.99

Dakine Pencil Case

Dakine Pencil Case £11.99

Animal Pencil Case

Animal Pencil Case £9.99

View our full range of backpacks.


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