Top.10 Surfing Tips from Saltburn Surf School

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Saltburn Surf School is the only surf school approved by Surfing Great Britain on the East Coast of the UK and so seeing as though the school is only on our doorstep Urban Surfer approached them for their Top.10 Surfing Tips.

1. Never get a lesson from your boyfriend/friend/loved one………always go to a professional. 
Of course we would say that right???? Well we have found that if you wait to have a lesson after you have tried surfing with a friend it is harder to correct bad habits.  As well as that you will be taught about sea safety and get the right equipment which will make your first experience far more enjoyable.

2. Don’t rush out and buy the first board you see. 
We often see beginners struggling on boards that are far to small for them because they think they are getting a bargain.  Get the right board and your surfing will improve quicker. We at Saltburn Surf School will offer any advice to make sure you know what your looking for.


3. Don’t rush to get a shorter board.  
Learn to manoeuvre a mini mal/longboard first and when you come on to a smaller board the transition will be smoother.

4. Always make sure you know the dangers of the specific beach that you are going to be surfing. 
For obvious reasons… If your unsure ask the lifeguards where its safe to surf or we at Saltburn Surf School are more than happy to offer advise.

5. Don’t Jump of the pier…..if you cant paddle out you shouldn’t be out there. 
At Saltburn we have pier that is often used to jump off if the surf is big.  We have seen over the years, individuals well out of their depth because the surf is too big for them and they panic and cant get back in.  Your paddle strength is important and paddling out allows you to judge the size of the surf more accurately as well as building your strength.


6. Sea’s flat, get out and paddle. 
Paddle strength can only really be gained by paddling.  So if its flat, there is nothing better than getting out on a board and just going for a paddle.  A workout in itself, but may improve your confidence paddling around and style of paddling.

7. Start learning about how weather systems and moon effect the surf/sea, so you can get the best time in the water.  Obviously if your at work you time will be dictated as to when you can surf, but getting in at dawn or dusk may be a decision you make on the wind, tide and topography of the beach.  Any surfer will be willing to share their knowledge and you will be surprised how indepth their knowledge will be…….dude.

8. Take responsibility for the environment that is home to your new sport.
We fully support Surfers Against Sewage which, highlights the problems that we have throughout the Uk keeping our sea and ocean clean.  We take part in litter picks and encourage all beach users to help.  Simply by picking up one piece of litter from the beach on your way out the water after a surf, will show that you appreciate the environment and hopefully keep the sea clean and safe for you to continue with the sport.


9. Don’t be afraid to surf with better surfers, sometimes this is a way to advance. 
Here at Saltburn Surf School we encourage your learning and our surfing community is friendly and encouraging.  We enjoy watching progression and will do our best to help.

10. Never go it alone….
Get your friends involved, if you don’t know anyone doing it already.  Surfing with friends is fun and safer.  If the beach isn’t flagged by lifeguards, going in with friends can assure they got your back and you have theirs.

Our thanks go to Saltburn Surf School and especially Zoee for taking the time to give us her “Top 10 surfing tips”


Website www.saltburn-surf.co.uk


Twitter @SaltburnSurf

Facebook page www.facebook.com/saltburnsurf


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