We talk surfing, exercise, fashion and… Grasshoppers with Christa Alves

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It’s great to have you back on the scene again after your time off. You’ve definitely hit the ground running with becoming the ambassador for Intergetics’ Bikini Ready products, modelling and doing what you do best, surfing. What can we expect to see from you over the upcoming months as you make your surfing comeback?

For the rest of 2014 I am focusing on doing local east coast pro events and to train as much as the ocean will let me. I am hoping that by the end of 2014 I can land a main sponsorship so I can get back on the WQS full time.


Your first surf session back was in January, how did that feel and was it difficult to get back into the swing of things?

The first wave I stood up on I fell straight on my face because I was so excited I forgot what to do for a second. I paddled back out laughing the whole time and soon found my sea legs again.

You certainly “train mean” and the progress of your hard work can be seen across your Facebook fan page – along side the Bikini Ready lifestyle what is your typical exercise routine?

In all honesty, my boys are the number one priority so I don’t really get the chance to ever go to a gym. I really missed getting a solid workout in so I started to improvise at home. Calvin has always been the type to live in a baby carrier. Whether it is a ring sling or a forward carrier he is in something so I had to go ahead and work with that. One day I just started walking on the treadmill at a steep incline with Calvin strapped on my chest. Ever since I have kept that as a routine along with chasing after Nelson and nightly beach walks. I even do squats with him while he’s in the carrier. Its actually pretty funny. Of course, when there are waves I do evening sessions as soon as my husband gets home from work. Along with training, I also eat well. I don’t eat anything processed, avoid GMO’s whenever possible, no artificial sweeteners, and I eat primarily organic. I have been really fortunate to have Bikini Ready behind me and I always take my Fashion Multivitamin which helps keep my body feeling/looking nourished.


Not only are our female readers interested in how you keep in such good shape, but can you also share some beauty tips?

I think the single best thing you can do as a beauty tip is drink A LOT of water. I always hated to drink water, but I gradually began to drink more everyday and ever since I can dramatically notice positive changes in my skin. I also use organic coconut oil as my face moisturizer and save makeup for the weekends.

Now that we are peaking summer time – have you managed to get out on the waves much?

Lake Atlantic? It’s been horrible here…just been waiting for a hurricane to kick up out here!


How are the little ones getting on?

Oh they are so great. Nelson is 3 and never stops being extremely active. He is finally starting to want to surf so he has been taking out his board and riding along on his belly. Calvin is 7 months and is crawling everywhere and loves playing on the beach. It’s been a blast and a lot of hard work raising these two, but I wouldn’t want it any other way.

You love to eat healthy, is there a recipe for your favourite dish you would like to share?

In all honesty, I like everything. Literally everything. People have this common misconception that eating “healthy” is salads and raw veggies. My definition of healthy is whole foods. REAL foods. So if I wake up and want biscuits and gravy I make it…but I will make it from scratch. I love waking up to fresh cut fruit bowls and I start everyday with a fried egg and toast.


What are your top 5 tips for beginner surfers?

– DONT GIVE UP! Have fun. Just like learning anything new, surfing can take time.
– ALWAYS bring a jug of water and a snack. You will get hungry/thirsty.
– DONT forget sunscreen! Nobody wants to look like an old leather sack!
– DONT start on a tiny surfboard. This will make it soooooo hard on you. Play it safe start on a fun shape. It will be so much easier and when it comes down to getting on a smaller board (if thats what you want) it will be a much easier transition.
– If you get a rash on your stomach or knees put cornstarch on it. Something about the cornstarch clears up the rash fast.

“5 things we don’t know about Christa” – what would they be?

– I’m terrified of grasshoppers. I will literally faint at the sight of one. I have had people try and joke around and I would just go out cold. Spiders, snakes, anything else I will hold and be just fine with.
– Octopus is my favorite food…especially grilled.
– I love fishing, just wish I got to do it more.
– I have a weak spot for genuine leather things.
– Clear blue was my favorite color growing up.

Is there anything else you would like to get off your chest?

I think you covered half of my life story 😉




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