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Got that Friday feeling? Here at the Urban Surfer HQ we certainly do! So, with the week drawing to a close, here is our top 5 things that we love/ loved this week:

1) Tara the Cat

Yes – the little feline everyone is talking about all over the world right now, the cat who saved it’s family’s son from a vicious dog attack!
If you’ve not seen the footage which has taken the social media world by storm, watch it now…

In fact Tara is now so loved, she was reportedly the star attraction at a minor league baseball game in California this week, throwing the first pitch of the game.


2) EQ Seals

EQ Seals are one of our new and exciting brands/ products that we are now stocking here at Urban Surfer.

taracat eqseals

The product is designed to protect the ears whilst surfing (or taking part in any other water sports for that matter), they are small plugs that not only keep the water, cold, etc out of the ear but they act as an artificial ear-drum and maintain the auditory performance and balance of your ears – keeping your senses very much alive!

Keep your eyes peeled for this awesome new product here at Urban Surfer. We have some cool new brands coming soon to add to our ever growing range – you’ll be even more spoilt for choice! Don’t miss out!


3) Sigma’s new video for ‘Nobody To Love’…

Check out this amazing video for Sigma’s wicked summer track – Nobody To love. Our team are loving this tune as well as the super-cool video for its real summer feel:

The video not only features our favourite sneakers, Converse, but two fancy free girls having fun in the sun and cruising around on skateboards too!


4) It’s another Bank Holiday weekend!

Yes – another three day weekend and do you know what that means?


That’s right. The Bank Holiday is definitely one of the things we love this week and we’re rewarding our lovely customers with 10% off absolutely everything at www.urbansurfer.co.uk!


5) Game of Thrones (SPOILER ALERT!)

The Urban Surfer team have been captivated with this years instalments so far of the epic, Game of Thrones, Season 4 and this Monday’s episode may have been the most exciting so far! Episode 8 of 10, ‘Mocking Bird,’ left us all hanging on the edge of our seats in anticipation for what is coming next.

Tyrion’s trial may finally come to an end as Prince Oberyn will take on The Mountain as Tyrion’s champion…. but, we’re going to have to wait a little longer to see the outcome of the battle as Sky Atlantic dropped the bombshell on us all that our beloved series will be continued in two week. Yes… TWO WEEKS!

‘The Mountain and The Viper,’ will air at 9pm on Sky Atlantic on Monday the 2nd June; but if you’re like us and can’t wait to see what’s coming next – we managed to get our hands on a little teaser of Episode 9. Look away now if you don’t like spoilers!




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