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It’s Hot, hot, hot! The heat is turning up out there now, summer is finally starting to make an appearance. BBC Weather forecasts temperatures in the 20s right through the weekend. It’s going to be a hot one, possibly too hot for skateboarding. Hell no, you just need a vest!

Yep, you’ve guessed it, we’ve got just what you need. I’ve been scouting out some of our nicest skate vests and this is what I’ve got for you.

volcom-frequency-tank-top-vest-greenFirst up is this Volcom Frequency Tank Top Vest. I don’t think I need to big-up Volcom that much. Anyone that has ever owned one of their products will agree they are always top notch quality and well put together. This top kinda reminds me of the Joy Division logo, especially since it’s called the Frequency. At £25 it’s not one of our cheapest vests but you get your moneys worth in the build quality.

dc-roll-up-tank-vest-whiteNext up, this DC Shoes Roll Up Tank Top Vest. 100% cotton with a nice simple logo on the front, what’s not to like about this vest. What can I say about DC, quality product from a quality company, always with function in mind as well as fashion. I reckon a modern day Die Hard Bruce Willis would be rocking a whole wardrobe of these bad boys in preparation for saving buildings, airports and family members.

etnies-busta-tank-vest-top-green-blackNext is this Busta Tank Top from Etnies. Made from 100% polyester mesh letting the cool air to your body keeping you feeling fresh and from getting all sweated up. A very Basket Ball style vest, reminds me of something Chad Muska might wear. You’re probably going to have to learn to throw out some new gang signs if you don’t already have some, you know,  so as to sufficiently represent.

enjoi-cool-tank-top-vest-orangeLast one for you, this Enjoi Cool Tank Top Vest. I’m down with Enjoi, they don’t take themselves too seriously. In fact their advertising is usually mocking either itself or its riders (do a Google Images search for “Enjoi Skateboarding Ads” as see what I mean). This vest is titled Cool, it’s a vest so you’ll feel cool, it has a cool Panda on the front with cool sunglasses on and evens says cool on it. Everything about this vest says cool, you cannot fail to be cool wearing this.

Before I go and leave you with a video, just a little Summer Time vest wearing advice. Sunblock! Yes, Sunblock! I know you’re probably thinking “OK Mother, whatever!”. Seriously, it wasn’t even that sunny yesterday where I was and I don’t burn as a rule, but I so wish I’d put some on, even just some Factor 15. My arms and shoulders feel like they have been thrashed today, sore just doesn’t quite say enough about it. Also, if you’re going to sport the snap-back cap, don’t wear it backwards, you should see my forehead…

Here we are, Enjoi and Emerica rider (although i think he was still riding for Osiris during the making of this) Jerry Hsu in his Enjoi “Bag of Suck” video part.




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